Friendship instead of competition?

Designer Wolfgang Joop (75) spoke in Johannes B. Kerners (55) talk format “ Bestbes Occupation (from Thursday, June 18 on MagentaTV) about his former rival Karl Lagerfeld, who was in Paris on February 19, 2019 at the age of 85 has died. In a section of the interview available to the “Bild” newspaper , Joop is still touched by his colleague’s loss one year after the death of his colleague – the two were not close friends at all, but only respected each other collegially, notes Johannes B. Kerner. “The world of fashion doesn’t make many friends,” replies Joop. The 75-year-old is certain today that it could have been the two designers.

Friends from the fashion scene and Joop himself would have guessed how Lagerfeld tried to hold out in the last phase of his life. It was almost painful to watch this. “He did not treat anyone to the job of the successor. He clung to the world that was Chanel and Chanel was with him. He didn’t want to let that go, ”explains Joop. This connects the designers: “I am like that too. I don’t want to give up on all of that either. ”After Lagerfeld’s death, Joop was unstoppable, he explains in a thick voice. He knew that everything was over. “Everything I knew about him died with him.”



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