imagine that there is a new medical procedure – so it promises full-bodied, the developer could save lives, and the cashier didn’t want to pay for it. But there was a Federal Minister of health, made sure that the patients of this medical progress would be worthwhile. What is the get an applause!

Maybe there is such a hero scenario, Jens Spahn is longing for. A few weeks ago, he has already tried it once: He wanted to personally ensure that the health of women suffering from lipedema, pay for a liposuction. The applause did not come at that time, however, from all sides, to say the least. And this was less to justifiable Doubts as to the method, which has, in fact, Use a proven. The criticism was so loud, because Spahn would have changed the health system in principle, he would come with his projects – and not for the Positive, as the critics complained. When lipedema Jens Spahn could not prevail. Now he tries again: In the small print of a meaningful draft law for the control of implants, a Passage that should give him the Power, a new procedure, personally allow.

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so Far, the Federal Joint Committee (GBA) is about whether a medical procedure is authorised, and the health insurance paid for to a large extent independent of influences from the policy. The JCC is staffed with representatives of the health insurance companies, the hospitals, and the Association of Shi physicians. To this end, three independent members, one of whom will chair.

The Committee of independent experts according to strict criteria of evidence-based medicine to scientifically evaluate whether a new medical procedure has an additional Benefit. To this opinion he oriented his decisions. And the encounter is open to criticism: The provider of medical procedure does not want to admit that your method will have no Benefit. Doctors and patients complain that because of the sometimes lengthy examination of some of the promise of Salvation is not fast enough.

Even if the method is tedious and not everything always goes smooth: the work of The GBA has proven itself. Cash patients are not protected against pseudo-innovation, the use of them, but possibly even can damage. The risk is especially in the case of new examination and treatment methods: Doctors or patients were able to collect so far, only a few experiences. Now, if a Minister of health decides what is paid: what is it? According to scientific evidence? Then he could put on the GBA and didn’t need this power. Or according to the will of his potential voters? Then populism rather than evidence decides perhaps soon about the approval.


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