Each, sitting in conferences or meetings, know this: It’s already been said, just not yet by everyone. The diesel debate, with its endless discussions about the perceived and actual impact of exhaust emissions recalls. However, just has just spoken to someone whose contribution has so much weight that you have to listen to him – even if he has worked a little questionable: the ICCT, the International Council on Clean Transportation. This is the not-for-profit organization that has uncovered with your measurements in 2015, the fraud on the part of VW in the diesel exhaust gas values.

Now, the ICCT has calculated, together with researchers from the George Washington University in Washington, and the University of Colorado in Boulder, how many people die prematurely from the consequences of fine dust and ozone. There are many: According to the ICCT, it should be in 2015, the world over 385,000 people, who otherwise would have lived longer. The number is not really surprising, after all, we are all of the messages to the filthy air now quite accustomed to.

What, however, surprised that Germany is a inglorious top spot. 13,000 people are expected to dust in 2015, in advance of Fine and ozone from the transport died. Absolutely expected, is the fourth place after China, India and the USA. The dead, however, in relation to the number of inhabitants, Germany is the number one. And also worldwide in 100 surveyed cities in three German cities are among the six most contaminated: Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin (in addition to Milan, Turin and Kiev).

One important reason for the poor performance of Germany, the high share of diesel vehicles in this country, is probably the authors of the ICCT faith. However, one must also say that your calculations refer to the year 2015. At the time, significantly less diesel cars than it is today equipped with a Filter, the dust particles are holding back a very effective Fine. Figures for the year 2018 would probably be lower.

This article dates back to the TIME no 10/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

The question is anyway whether the ICCT was well advised to go with the number of premature deaths to the Public. The Problem of this statistical size, the inaccuracy, which is associated with her is: you don’t take into account how much sooner someone dies. Someone who stays 20 years under his actual life expectancy, as in the statistics as someone who only dies 20 days in advance. The ICCT would have called the Public other statistical size: the years of life lost. Although this figure is less spectacular but more meaningful.

benefits you have to keep the ICCT, however, that it has calculated the dangers posed by fine dust. The was in the heated debates of recent times, often only on the edge. Experts in the field to see him, and not the nitric oxide as the actual villain among the air pollutants.


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