Jim Carrey called the shooting scene in the sequel to

Photo: still image from the movie “the Mask”, 1994, dir. Chuck Russell

American actor Jim Carrey explained on what conditions could return to the role of the Mask in the eponymous Hollywood movie. As reports the edition “the Newspaper.ru”, the artist is ready to make a company a good Director.

“I don’t want to be in that movie just for the fact of filming. I will do this, if you are crazy the Director is a visionary. Of course,” – said Kerry.

the First part of the movie “Mask” was shown in theaters in 1994. In the story, Jim Carrey played the role of a Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss, whose life changes dramatically with the appearance of an ancient magical mask. Free sequel the film received in 2005. Kerry was not involved in the shooting.

Earlier it was reported that a remake of another famous film of the last century, “a Nightmare on elm street” will work in Director Alexander Azha. In the filmography of the author already has a few “horror”. As stated by himself Even for his appointment as Director was the opportunity to explore the frightening world of the original.

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