The Deputy of the Samara region detained on suspicion of organizing the murder of a spouse

Photo: SK the Russian Federation across the Samara region.

the Deputy of the Duma of urban district Chapaevsk was detained on suspicion of organizing the murder of his wife, reports RT.

According to investigators, the woman was acting in collusion with his friend. Getting rid of her husband, she wanted to take possession of jointly acquired property and money men.

January 20 women was asked to play the murder of a man named Dmitri. For this he promised 400 thousand rubles. The man agreed.

At the time of transfer under operational experiment the man of 200 thousand rubles as advance payment women arrested.

a criminal case about the organisation of preparation for murder on hiring a group of persons by prior agreement.

Earlier, the SC brought criminal case upon attempt at the head of the Ramonsky district of the Voronezh region Nikolay Frolov. The official car exploded on 26 Dec 2019.

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