Volodin has reminded of the importance of development of Interparliamentary ties

Photo: TASS/Anton novoderezhkin

the Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin believes that development of inter-parliamentary relations of Russia and Iran will help countries to overcome the joint threats, pass “Days.ru”.

“Through the development of inter-parliamentary relations we must do whatever is necessary to overcome the challenges faced by our country”, – said Volodin.

the Deputy has reminded that Moscow and Tehran are implementing a number of inter-parliamentary formats, proving its effectiveness. He cited the example of the conference of speakers on regional cooperation and security and the meeting of heads of parliaments of the countries of Eurasia.

Volodin added that Moscow gives great importance to its cooperation with Tehran in the Caspian sea. According to him, the meeting with Ali Larijani failed to agree on the elaboration of the organization of inter-parliamentary cooperation of countries of the Caspian basin.

“we must do everything legally to ensure that the decisions of the presidents of our countries, the decisions that will enable our countries to build relationships more effectively”, – said Volodin.

Earlier, the speaker of the state Duma in Tehran held a meeting of the bilateral Interparliamentary cooperation. At the meeting he noted the importance of the development of trade between Moscow and Tehran under us sanctions. He noted that the countries should establish reliable trade.

He recalled the year 2018, when the volume of bilateral trade reached almost two billion dollars. Volodin noted that the main trade article – agricultural products, its turnover last year rose to 1 billion 283 million dollars.

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