Johannes Oerding always gives comfort with his music, if only because you feel understood. But since his No. 1 album “Konturen”, which has already produced the radio hits “On good days” and “Everything okay”, he has also been known as one who calls things by name. On his sixth studio album, the musician deals with topics that have never been heard of before.

Johannes Oerding: "Anfassen" in Corona-Zeiten?

Photo: Olaf Heine


Much is missing in this time of forced isolation, lockdowns and careful openings. The family, barbecues, concerts, bars, teamwork, going out, dancing, partying, being carefree. Some lack work, some hope, some sympathy. But what we all miss is human closeness. It is not the first time that hat wearer Johannes Oerding has to offer a song with the greatest common denominator for a complicated situation.

Of course, when writing “Touch” nobody knew how perfectly he summarized how we are doing today.

Missing hugs

Strictly speaking, lines like “We know everything everywhere, but far too little about us, and this little bit is then shared. What was once real is now cold “even to the contrary: to forget the essentials in abundance. Nevertheless, he sums up what we can clearly feel now – no video call replaces a hug.

Despite restrictions and postponement of the tour, Oerding is extremely busy and produces “split screen sessions” on YouTube, participated in the “#wirbleibenzuhause festival” and has long since finished the one-shot clip for “Touch” that can be seen at the radio launch today. Already on the go again and as usual with no trumps, he puts it very simply: “Even though it is more appropriate to keep your distance, my new single Touch is coming now”. From there.


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