JoJo doesn’t want to let her new album come out during Corona time. The singer released her “Good to Know” record in May.

Her last album “Mad Love” was released in 2016 – the 29-year-old had all the more eagerly awaited the publication of her new work. In the end, however, everything went a little differently than expected.

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She misses her fans

“It is probably the right word to describe it. It was very unique, I mean, I haven’t put on proper shoes to leave the house in the past three months, ”said JoJo.

Instead of performing live, the musician had to settle for digital concerts. “It was the strangest thing: to perform from my living room and not have any interaction with the audience,” admitted the “Too Little Too Late” interpreter.

JoJo sees it positively

In the meantime, however, she has arranged to redesign her original plans. “It’s just about adapting to the new normal. It is neither bad nor good, it is simply different, ”she explained. However, JoJo was not always so relaxed. “My single ‘Man’ came out a week before the lockdown in Los Angeles. I just thought ‘there’s no such thing! It’s crazy! ”She admitted in conversation with the“ Table Manners ”podcast.

“But I’m just trying to look at it soberly and be aware that it’s a really terrible time for a lot of people.” The best strategy is to take it all with humor: “You just have to laugh at it!” ( Bang)


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