JoJo has released “Lonely Hearts”, the latest track of their new album “good to know” and is eagerly awaited. The song follows the fiery single “Man”, which received praise from magazines such as Nylon, The Fader and Rolling Stone, who said: “The mid-tempo R&B pop track is classic JoJo”.

JoJo explains to “Lonely Hearts”: “This song continues the path of self-love that I was on most recently. The realization that despite possible temptations and self-doubt at the end of the day I decide to protect myself in my current life unhealthy relationships. ”

Once a star and back

In good to know, unfiltered, carefree bravery meets introspective R&B, catchy hooks and rich harmonies. JoJo worked with producer heavyweights such as Doc McKinney, Lido and 30 Roc on their sound and researched deep inside.

First to escape, but finally to accept their insecurities and channel them into a feeling of self-love. The former child star says about her album title: “The album title ‘good to know’ refers to everything I have learned in recent years – every bit of feedback, criticism (internally or externally), whatever it is: it is all just information. And it’s all good! ”

Many should still know JoJo from their hit “Leave (Get Out)”, from 2004, when the then 13 year old took the world by storm.


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