Kauppalehti (Finland): in Russia the drop in demand for automobiles

St. Petersburg- In 2019, the weak development of the Russian economy was reflected in the level of car sales in the country have been sold 1 759 532 passenger car and light commercial vehicle. This is 2.3% less than in 2018.

Fresh statistics have been an unpleasant surprise for the representatives from the automobile industry, because after the crisis car sales in 2017 and 2018, the years began to rise again. For comparison: in 2012, Russia had sold 2 933 511 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

the Association of European Businesses (AEB) says that in 2023, car sales will decrease by approximately 2%.

For the fall of the level of car sales there are a lot of reasons. The most significant reason may be the protracted stagnation of the economy in which real incomes are falling almost constantly for the past five years.

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2020 to reduce new decree, which requires banks to tighten the terms of granting consumer loans.

In 2017 to maintain the automotive market, the Russian government launched a state programme for the acquisition of the first car/family car: a person taking a loan for a new car, gets a 10% discount.

Maximum StaImost car purchased under the program may reach a million rubles, or 14 555 euros. This category includes almost all models of Lada. Of course, other Russian car factories think that the government supports the entire domestic auto industry as a whole.

Despite the downturn in car sales, the sale of “Lad” in 2019 rose — though by only 1%.

“Reno” (Renault) and Skoda (Škoda) were also in the top ten best selling car brands in Russia. They even managed to slightly increase the number of sales.

Successful “Kia” (Kia) and Hyundai (Hyundai) were on sales at the level of 2018. This co-sale Kia and Hyundai outsell cars “Lada”.

Economic crisis in Russia did not affect the successful sales of the luxury cars. “Mercedes-Benz” (Mercedes-Benz) increased its sales by 11%, “BMW” (BMW) — 17%. In Russia, selling about one hundred thousand “Mercedes” and “BMW” in the year, and it’s more successful than 2012.

the Most popular models are the “Lada Granta, Lada Vesta”, “Kia RIA” (Ria Kia), “Creta Hyundai” (Hyundai Creta) and “Toyota Rav 4” (Toyota Rav 4). The ten best sales also includes “Renault Duster” (Renault Duster), “Volkswagen Tiguan” (VW Tiguan), “Hyundai Solaris” (Hyundai Solaris), “Volkswagen Polo” (VW Polo) and “Lada Largus”.

In 2019 in Russia was issued consumer loans about ten billion euros. Average timemeasures of the loan amounted to 11 thousand Euro, the annual rate exceeded 10%.

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