The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan): nuclear energy in Russia taking over the world. Russia is supplying America's nuclear fuel. Japan remains behind

Russian peaceful nuclear technology taking over the world. Russia shakes Japan, USA and Western Europe. Japan, which halted the construction of new generation reactors on the eve of their inauguration unofficially Russia has asked for technical assistance.

To supply enriched uranium to the United States, Russia is in first place. It carries out large-scale technical assistance in nuclear research to China and India. Mockingly looking back at those lagging behind Japan, Russia is gradually forging ahead in the field of nuclear technology.

In August 2019 the Russian “Rosatom” has commissioned a floating nuclear power plant that can move, including on the open sea. She currently is on the Northern coast of Siberia, where supplying the population with electricity and heat. The lack of electricity becomes a “bottleneck” of the development programs of Russian regions. Floating nuclear power plants easy to solve this problem. Although in respect of such floating power plants remains the problem of their security, Russia has ambitious plans for exports to developing countries with poor electricity generation system.

China, which is emerging among the leading Nations to use peaceful nuclear energy, continues to import Russian technology for the production of nuclear energy. India is also going through Russia to build light-water reactors. Currently in the portfolio it has about 35 orders for the construction of nuclear power plants around the world.

in Japan, such plans are in fact zero. In August 2019 have not been approved by the budget and the shutdown of the joint Japanese-French project Astrid to create a fast neutron reactor. On ceased to exist and intended to discharge the first Japanese reactPR fast breeder “Monju” (NPP located in the city of Tsuruga in Fukui Prefecture, the decision of the government of Japan for its disposal made in 2016 — approx. ed.), Japan wasted about $ 10 billion. Japanese contribution to studies on the Astrid project has exceeded 200 million dollars, but before its completion, the project never reached.

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In June 2018, a senior official of the Russian government proposed to the Japanese government: “What if we were to try jointly to carry out studies on fast reactor?”. They say that Japan no reply was given.

Russia has started the operation of nuclear fast reactor with sodium coolant “BN-800” in 2015. And Japan dreams of the early commercial use of the reactor of this type only during the 2023-ies.

Plays a major role in Russia’s nuclear power Rosatom is a state Corporation. The main difference between his activities from the activities of American, European and Japanese companies working with nuclear energy is that “Rosatom” operates within a centralized system, whereas his Western colleagues are associated with the various restrictions posed by governments, businesses and local authorities.

it Should be noted that Russia has an active technical Japan’s assistance in the restoration of the reactors at NPP “Fukushima-1”. In particular, the Russian nuclear industry enterprises together with the Research Institute of the group “Mitsubishi” participate in the analysis and extraction of the residue of molten reactor fuel. In November of 2018, “Rosatom” established in Japan, the representative office of the subsidiary. This is seen in the willingness of Russian companies to expand cooperation with the Japanese side.

In July 2019 Republican Senator, Chairman of the Senate Committee on environment and public works John Barrasso issued a statement in which he indicated that “excessive US dependence on supplies of enriched uranium from Russia is a threat”. According to the testimony of people familiar with American businessmen, Russia supplies to the United States up to 40% of the needs of its enriched uranium. In April 2019, this fact drew attention in his report and the us Department of Commerce, which also presented him as a security risk. In fact, from that report and began on the issue of hot debate in Congress. Besides the fact that enriched uranium is getting fuel for the nuclear power industry, in fact the technique of enrichment associated by Americans with the development of atomic weapons, which created the international problem of nuclear deal with Iran.

Since then, in 1979, the United States was the nuclear accident at Three Miles Island, the American nuclear industry virtually ceased to exist. And the fact remains that right now in getting nuclear fuel for reactors of nuclear power plants America has to depend on Russia.

Japan is also in the old days, actively developed nuclear power technology, supporting the policy at the state level. In the nuclear the industry has invested tens of billions of dollars.

Although our country does not possess nuclear weapons, but the Japanese engineers were actively engaged in fast reactors and uranium enrichment technologies. However, after the incident, we have accidents we completely lost the leading position in this industry in the world.

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