The veteran band american rock Kiss has announced his farewell after 47 years of career and the conclusion of a tour that will include a “last” concert in the Spanish capital for the 5 of July of 2024.

The WiZink Center of Madrid, which was headquarters of the former show that the group offered in Madrid in 2018, has returned to be the space chosen to host a show “with his stage production more gigantic up to date.”


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Under the title of ” The End of The Road World Tour, Kiss has promised to provide a review of their “classic timeless” that would have allowed them to become one of the bands with the highest sales in history, more than one hundred million albums, according to figures from his office, and be part of since 2013 in the Hall of Fame of Rock And Roll.

With Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as a founding member, even in the ranks of the group, was in New York when, in 1973 was born this formation, which, in addition to by his subjects, soon became known for playing characters with a facial makeup badge and a funny costume.

From Kiss (1974) to Monster (2012), twenty studio albums are evidence of their long discography, of which they arose emblematic songs of the hard rock and metal as I Was Made For Loving You.

Simmons and company were also famous for being one of the first to bring to their concerts a high level of spectacle with effects pyrotechnic and for being a pioneer also in the development of a powerful catalog of merchandising.

The entries, as has been communicated by its promoter, will be available starting this Friday, November 8 at 10 a.m. through points official as the website of the developer RockN’Rock.


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