in 1912, fell probably the most famous ship of all times: In the Film we can go to sympathize with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, as it could have been, on Board of at the time as unsinkable, the biggest ship in the world – and finally in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with an iceberg to collapse plump and.

The chandeliers in the Lounges, the large, curved main staircase, and the luxurious suites of the first class will be with us from the Film as a reminder of how the rats and the bunk beds in the third grade. But it is just a movie.

An Australian Investor wants to rebuild the cruise ship true to the original. By 2023, the replica will be finished and can set sail. Then you should take the same Route as the Titanic on her maiden voyage From Southampton to New York. The shipping company Blue Star Line has announced a number of media reports.

plans for Titanic II have been around for years

“If the Titanic was the ship the Titanic II as the unsinkable was, then the idea is considered to be indestructible,” reported the British “Guardian”. Quite right: about six years Ago, the Australian Clive Palmer announced to the Titanic build. It was still, you should be in 2015.

Three years later, he rejected the plans, however, due to financial disputes. The cost of shipbuilding at that time were estimated to be around 500 million dollars. Now, he announced that the work will be included in the project.

The ship is supposed to get the plans, according to the same interior as the Titanic in 1912. Even the passengers should get the appropriate clothes handed to look like at that time. It was a long-standing dream of Palmer, according to the Guardian, an Australian businessman and conservative politician.

shipbuilder, announced that under the contract

“The ship will follow the original Route and passengers from Southampton to New York,” Palmer, therefore, already in the last month. “But the Titanic will travel around the globe, and people inspire and enchant.” Millions have dreamed of being on the Titanic ride, to see you in a port and to experience their uniqueness. “The Titanic II will be the ship on which all of this is true.”

the year 2023 has been circulating Though the media for the maiden voyage of the Titanic II, has not been confirmed by the company this date. There is still no concrete date had been set, said a spokeswoman for Blue Star Line the “Guardian”. The Work on the ship had not started yet, and ship-builders would have to be under contract.

social media users are very skeptical about the plans to leave the replica on the same Route as in the past the Original. “I wouldn’t get,” it said on Twitter. Or: “That’s what I call luck.”

In the Video: The Titanic – The last riddle took the loss

Video ZDF Enterprises

Palmer also this skepticism. While the interior and the cabins that the original are faithfully recreated, will the Titanic II with the most advanced security technologies, navigation systems and techniques of the 21st century. Century equipped, he said.

For concern, or even amusement Palmer’s nephew, was appointed as the Director of the project provided. His name is Clive Mensink: Men sink (people fall).



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