For the tenth birthday of the operating system Android, the Smartphone is ubiquitous, but it is also bad. Bad, bad, bad, if one follows the current debate. The Smartphone-criticism in Germany has managed a feat – she’s blunt, to fail more and more worried and pathologisiere than the Internet criticism. The Smartphone is practically all my fault, in his downright toxic connection with the youth, exclamation point! “Smartphone” is used as a cipher for criticism of the practice of life and behavior of younger generations.

It is so simple, the Smartphone. Always. This pattern follows the German digital disease, namely, the absurd Hardware fixation in the engineering country Germany, the naive blindness for the software-based variety of networking and virtuality. Because the device is that you can see and touch, so you do not need to look any further.

children are defined as victims

Smartphone-criticism is not generally unwise or pointless. But if you do you on the behavior of the younger generations, then a misleading focus is already in it. “But what makes the with our children?” – the generated question automatically concern results. The simple counter-sample: “What is the diving power with our children?” – here, too, you can hardly answer otherwise than with negative scenarios. Because the negative perspective of this standard, the question of cultural criticism, the children as a sacrifice, where something is happening. Either against their will or without their Knowledge, so they are weak, or stupid, or both. Active prospects are hidden or, at most, anecdotal interspersed.

When with such a question, of course Addiction and mental health problems of all kinds, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of sleep, as well as narcissism. “What is the power with our children” is a Framing that extends only into the Negative.

Smartphone-criticism must be capitalism – and, ultimately, the critique of society, everything else is window dressing to the detriment of the digital addict young people, who are structurally too stupid to realize what is happening with you. In two recent pieces in the MIRROR and in the “time magazine” is, in my view, to recognize what’s going on in the German Smartphone criticism wrong. The MIRROR recently wrote in a cover story in the introduction to the above question, “What’s that with you?” with the young people. And the “time magazine” closes his article with a maximum generations of self-righteousness, the young people would perhaps come to reason and “with a Grin to the aberrations of their youth, can look back”. Unfortunately, however, only in the “best case” – the Rest remains stupid, because the best way makers old haha helps.

at the Time, we still had our tradition telephone numbers

However, it is a fitting end to an already disturbing start. Because the “time magazine” knitting for the youth to seriously blame the fact that they would not revolt as violently as the apparently famos rebellious generations before: “in the past, shaking Teenager to the nerves of their parents, and the foundations of the society. Today, only digital Flickering of the children penetrates instead of punk rock rooms.” And: “Instead of angry doors and ear-splitting noise permeates from the children of silence of the rooms pop just a Ghost.” The mandatory bottom line: today’s young people can’t do anything right, not even decent nerves. What a kohorteneitle, generation yesterday’s Ichichich perspective.

In the MIRROR article is not to have a technological failure perspective, as it is about a young woman who wants to reach their Girlfriends: “Their numbers in the head, why? They are stored in your Smartphone.” The undercurrent of skepticism in this sentence is revealed, as the Smartphone-criticism to be poisoned by the completely outdated technology images in the minds of the Not-anymore-quite-so-young. to know

telephone numbers by heart, was not a performance, but a necessary crutch for a ridiculously inflexible technology called the telephone. If you are in the 20. Century wanted to speak with a Person, you had to call an apartment, really. And unfortunately, you had only the possibility of an arbitrary set of erratic, nothing else taugenden Code in a largely unprogrammierbare machine. At that time we still had our tradition of telephone numbers, those were the times!

When we blame the youth, no longer of this ancient technique, not accusing her, actually, on how to be yourself. In particular, where it is outdated, today, irrelevant habits. Yes, great-grandfather did not know the reins of signals, which drew horses, why do you use them in Your electric car, Marie?

what is coming up, the boys better

prepared for the lawsuit, the young people today would experience nothing directly, but always only photo belongs to photographing with your smartphone, to the fahlsten actions of the present. For the First even the last of his own experience scrap is jazzed to epoch-making be feature highly, You know, Margot, when I then knocked over after the second Pina Colada in the Dominican Republic the table, I was a real guy, not true. For the Second one accuses the youth staging in a world that has, for decades, in line with the market by staged to fucking Detail, because you already rewarded always staging. For the third a value is in the Sharing of experiences, actions, thoughts, feelings, self – descriptions, in the human – to-human communication, even if you aft bystanders affected strangely appears.

If ever a group of people will be able to handle the diverse complexities and demands of today’s world – but then those who grew up with the constant back-channel. In your network-hardened Action at any time to an audience and its reactions to think. Which will be exactly for this reason intellectually for the coming difficulties is better equipped than the Older ones.

We don’t leave younger generations a world of talking full to the brim with nationalists and Nazis, populists, and Islamist terrorists, climate change and environmental damage – but the Smartphone is to blame for the increasing depression of the youth. Today, the Elderly have been dedicated in the 1980s, a full decade, the dance around the Golden I, but the young people are narcissists, because they send with the devil device Selfies. Spelling is no longer dominate you because you WhatsApp is more important than the dictionary.

Smartphones as a focal point of capitalism

Oh, what, spelling, the youth can’t even look properly three! This allegation seems to be exaggerated? No, the Smartphone-criticism also creates the. In the MIRROR, a psychology Professor is quoted favorably: “In the coming decade, we will see more and more young people who know the right Emoji for a Situation, but not the right facial expression”. A grotesque and degrading sentence.

I would like to propose a perspective that seems to me to be much closer to the actual Events: The Smartphone is the focal point of today’s capitalism and to modern society. In most cases, the behavior of the younger generations is simply a reaction to the world that we have them. And in most cases even a very clever one.

Everything we think we see in the Smartphone, is in truth the product of our own decades-long work. In Good times and in Bad. What makes the Smartphone really to the much-criticized object, you can recognize, of course, in the Smartphone itself. You have to turn it off just and exactly in the black reflecting surface.


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