Konstantin Tsiolkovsky: what the KGB arrested the father of Russian cosmonautics

History 08/03/20 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky: what the KGB arrested the father of Russian cosmonautics

About the lives of prominent people you know almost everything. Every step of their life is repeatedly described in the documentary materials and works of art. However, sometimes the surface is absolutely amazing facts from the biographies of legendary figures. Who would have thought that at the dawn of Soviet power, father of Russian cosmonautics K. E. Tsiolkovsky accused of espionage in favor of the white and take to the Lubyanka.

the Arrest of a scientist

the Official story draws Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky humble teacher from Kaluga, who lived a recluse, made great scientific discoveries, wrote articles and books. However, even before the revolution of 1917, the works of Tsiolkovsky had a wide success. His articles have been regularly published in popular scientific journals and books were read to the holes many fans of the scientist. But the sound of the revolutionary years, and about science in the country for a time forgotten.

Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, in November of 1919, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, under the escort was taken to the Lubyanka. What is 62-the summer teacher of physics and mathematics could prevent the new government? Space and scientific work of the scientist is, of course, was completely innocent.

the White messenger

Despite the fact that before the repressions of the 1930s years remained for about two decades, Tsiolkovsky destroyed banal denunciation. When, many years after it was declassified case No. 1096, the public was surprised to learn that according to the KGB, Konstantin Eduardovich worked for the intelligence service of Denikin’s army. This was reported by the officers of the Special Department of the 12th army Kucherenko and Koshelev. In front of them the command was tasked to infiltrate the ranks of the white forces with the aim of obtaining reliable data about their location and movement. The operation was so successful that red agents already guide intelligence army A. Denikin entrusted the collection of data on the red Army. At this point, as stated in his report Kucherenko and Koshelev, they learned about the existence of K. E. Tsiolkovsky. The chief of the white guard intelligence Prince Golitsyn Raykov instructed them to find in Kaluga teacher by the name of Tsiolkovsky, who will show them the location of the headquarters of the rebel groups Union of Russia’s revival. He also had to pass fake agents of the white guard intelligence coordinates communication with information about the situation at the front and forthcoming movements of the red Army. When meeting with Tsiolkovsky Koshelev and Kucherenko had to call the password “Fedorov-Kiev”. The Galitzine-Raykov gave them the exact address of the teacher. Error could not be. On the paper was listed the home address of K. E. Tsiolkovsky: Kaluga, ul. Korovinskoe, d. 61.


After getting such incriminating information Tsiolkovsky, of course, was immediately arrested. But among the security officers were educated men who knew about the scientific merit scholar, so he decided to check first. To Tsiolkovsky in the role of the intelligence officer of Denikin’s army by the name of the Samples was the agent of the Cheka milk. November 16, 1919, describing the agreed password, a provocateur crossed the threshold of the house of the scientist. For several hours the milk had a conversation with Tsiolkovsky, trying to get from him the location of the counter-revolutionary forces, and white connected. But the scientist did astonished eyes and explained that he is only interested in science, in particular space and Aeronautics, and political and especially military matters are concerned. However, despite the fact that the test did not give the expected results, both of them at the end of the conversation was arrested and taken to the Lubyanka. Perhaps Golitsyn Raykov similarly checked themselves Kosheleva and Kucherenko, sending them on a false trail, giving the name and address of a famous person.

Happy ending

the next Few days from 19 to 29 November Tsiolkovsky spent in total on camera The Lubyanka without questioning. When 10 days later it still caused the investigator Achkasov, elderly scientist once said to him that he is a supporter of the Soviet power and arrested by mistake. Then he launched into a lengthy discourse about his work, ignoring the attempts of the investigator to turn the conversation to the subject of his possible cooperation with the intelligence services of the army of Denikin. However, the question why came to him a white officer, calling the pre-arranged password, the scientist had to answer as detailed as possible. Tsiolkovsky stated that is really familiar with Fedorov, who lives in Kiev and often corresponds with him. When on a visit to the scientist, a man came and said Hello from an old acquaintance, he could not give him his tea. But all the questions the guest about the whites, the scientist replied that he knew nothing, and even threatened to give it to the authorities. Scientist believe. The investigator Achkasov in Tsiolkovsky’s own hand wrote the findings, which indicated that white with Tsiolkovsky was not familiar. At the same time, he noted that an astute scientist exposed a double agent, and perhaps it is therefore not informed him about the Union of revival of Russia. As the sentence Achkasov offered to send Tsiolkovsky for a year in a concentration camp, but without coercion to compulsory work by reason of his age and poor health. Fortunately, with the work of Tsiolkovsky was visited by the head of the special Department IBSC E. G. Evdokimov. It is unknown what motivated the head of the Moscow Cheka, but the scientist he’s red ink has written a clear resolution: “to Release and to stop the deal. E. Evdokimov”. On the same day, December 1, 1919, the scientist was released into the wild.

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