Lamborghini, a favorite brand of football professionals and other extroverted millionaires, has sold worldwide in the past year 5750 cars. This corresponds to an increase of 51 percent. Lamborghini-in-chief Stefano Domenicali to the sales success of the sports car brand, has to be calculated by an SUV.

Mr Domenicali, congratulations on your success – but who is buying the Lamborghini Urus, a 650-horsepower SUV for more than 200 000 Euro?

This is a great Moment for us, both for the whole Team here at Lamborghini in Sant’agata Bolognese as well as for the Audi group, to which we belong, Yes. We have set in about two years, around 700 new employees, for the Urus-production and the new paint shop, we take soon in operation. What relates to the buyers of our new SUV, we were set up, of course, we conquer customers from other brands. We calculated with 50 percent. In fact, 70 percent of the people who buy a Urus have owned, never a Lamborghini. This is incredible. The Urus brings the Lamborghini into a whole other Dimension.

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The Lamborghini SUV is 5,11 meters long

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Now, one might expect that the sports car, your current core business, are broke.

no, on the contrary. Our super sports cars have also increased. The Huracan globally by 5 percent, and the Aventador to at least 3 percent. In Germany, both together even up to 10 percent. These cars are, however, dangers as you may know, especially when the weather is nice. The Urus on the other hand is a car for the everyday use. This pleases us, of course.

Where you sell the most cars?

The United States remains our biggest market. There we have sold in 2018, a total of 1595 cars, followed by the UK, with 636 and Japan 559 cars. Germany is in fourth place with 463 vehicles.

All the world is talking about the electric drive. What do you do with your Eight, Ten and twelve cylinders, from die?

no, absolutely not. We will be drawing step of the way, our classic gas hybrid, that is, with an electric motor combine. With the next Generation of the twelve-cylinder engine in our top model, the Aventador, which sold in its eighth year of production, still, well, let’s start.

And what comes next?

in 2019, we expect a significant increase in sales. Because of the Urus was introduced only in July 2018. If we want to create a whole year of production, we would have to come with him on nearly 8000 cars.

Then you need to be careful not to, however, is that the brand loses its exclusivity.

don’t worry. Much more than 8000 specimens per year we will produce three model ranges.


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