Lavrov responded to the threat of US sanctions against Rosneft

Photo: TASS/Stanislav Krasilnikov

foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov commented on US plans to impose sanctions against the company “Rosneft” from-for cooperation with Venezuela.

At a press conference following his visit to Mexico foreign Minister said that Moscow has already got used to threats from Washington.

“I heard another threat from Washington to punish all who in any way cooperates with Venezuela. We have become accustomed to it” – quoted Lavrov TASS.

the foreign Minister added that if Latin American countries feel comfortable with the tutelage of the United States, that is their sovereign right.

“I think it’s offensive to all of Latin America, no matter what position they hold in Venezuela,” said the diplomat, commenting on the “Monroe doctrine”.

the U.S. Strategy in the region involves the establishment of democracy in all countries of the hemisphere. The White house has previously indicated that Russia, China and Cuba are undermining these values.

In the US administration also said that considering sanctions against Rosneft in a package with other restrictive measures against the government of Venezuela.

At the same time added that the restrictions would be not only “Rosneft” but also the largest Spanish oil company Repsol and us firm Chevron.

“Rosneft” – one of the largest foreign investors in Venezuela, it implements several projects for the exploration and production of oil together with the Venezuelan PDVSA.

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