The third album by pop star LEA has been available everywhere since last Friday and today the singer delivers with her video for the single “7 Stunden” feat. Capital Bra after.

On June 16, 2024, the “Sing Meine Song” episode will be broadcast on VOX, which deals with the songs by LEA – with subsequent documentation about the platinum-awarded singer.

LEA’s third album “Stairwell” tells new stories from LEA’s life, shows new facets and lets it grow as an artist. Her own way of telling true stories in a musical way is unmistakable. “’Between my lines’ was a very important album for me and every song means a lot to me. It was so much about the sound and the world of sound that with my new album ‘Staircase’ I didn’t have the need to do everything differently, ”she said.

Music full of life

“’Stairwell’ ties in with it and tells about my life. It shows new sides of me, but people will recognize me – and maybe also a little bit themselves – in the stories, ”says LEA.

LEA feat. Capital Bra: Hier ist das neue Video "7 Stunden"



She managed the balancing act between “staying true to yourself” and “breaking new ground”. With her third album, she manages to reinvent herself while remaining authentic. LEA’s music is full of life – sometimes light, sometimes melancholic, but always very clearly LEA.


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