it Was far away, but not so much that your hit was to lose force during the trajectory. He was focused, as more likes. And I was ready to drop the shot with the thread that made barren the stretched of his friend Masip. Messi did diana and rose to 50 goals from free kick; 44 with Barcelona and six with the selection of argentina. “What we have tried and with the draw we’ve been there…But then have come on wonders of the foot of Leo. The only thing is applaud him and enjoy him”, he said Míchel. “You have such a talent that is not comparable with anything. Every time he plays we hope to pass something,” added Valverde. And against Valladolid he was.


Masip: “football is not just in the club,”

Takes Leo a few numbers in sensational free kicks that are put in value when compared to other big teams, any time in the past five years has signed 20 targets as a sniper, rather than Juve (15), Roma, PSG and Lyon (13) and the Bologna (12). “Messi I have had many times of rival and when there was a lack always you were afraid that mark. Now, I always think that the can make,” said Valverde last year. And Leo is still doing their own thing, climbing on the table of the best launchers: Zico reached the amazing sum of 101; Juninho was at 76; and will continue to Ronaldinho (66), Beckham (65), Maradona (62) and Mihajlovic (50). “It’s amazing that you take 50 goals as well”, said Arturo Vidal to laugh, clean; “but is that what we do every day, and each day surprises us. You can already see that it is from another planet. Everything he does he does so well”.

Messi was not able to nor wanted to contain the smile, happy to be done target in this luck. It was not, however, his first goal in the season of lack because we did another at Seville, the 4-0 final. A record more than The Flea, which also gave him an both Arturo Vidal and left a pipe without looking at the opponent on Plane to the memory. To top it all off, already in play, hooked another shot from the front and scored his second target. Nothing that will distract you, because I gave two goal assists: one for Arturo Vidal; and another for Luis Suarez. Messi in the original version.

“When Leo is as well, the team is feeling and we have more encouragement to look for the result”, explained Arturo Vidal. It was also Lenglet: “Messi is better, with more matches in their legs. Mark the difference and when is so it is very difficult for rivals”. We followed Guillermo Amor, head of the institutional relations of the first team: “We played well in Prague, and at the Valladolid has returned to prove that she is as well, forgotten the little problems physical the beginning of the season. It is very difficult to find something that doesn’t do it well.” And Valverde added: “you can’t say nothing more… we Know that will always appear, whether the party that is. It is still taking shape, and every time he enters more, which is always good for us.” Not so much for the Valladolid.

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