The Guardia Civil in the Balearic islands has confirmed that the dead body was recovered on Tuesday morning in the waters of Cala Serena, in the majorcan village of Felanitx, is a young Hungarian who disappeared after being swept away by a wave in the area of Cala Esmeralda in Santanyi. According to the account provided by a witness to the event, the young man was taking a walk by the coastal zone with another person when both were swallowed up by a wave on Wednesday afternoon, when the islands were on alert for the storm.

About half past eight in the morning, the crew members of a sailboat have been found floating the body of a man and have notified the Civil Guard, who has started the work to find the identity of the deceased. The body recovered was wearing the portfolio, which has allowed the identification of police of the missing person. The corpse has been moved to the port of Cala D’or where a judge has decreed the lifting of the corpse, which has been sent to the institute of forensic anatomy. The Guardia Civil has started the paperwork to the Consulate of Hungary communicated the facts to the family.


The body found at the port of Tarragona is that of a disappeared by the temporary One dead and five missing in Catalonia by the temporary rain

last Wednesday afternoon a woman called the emergency service 112 to report that he had witnessed a couple who was taking a walk in the area of Cala Esmeralda had been dragged out to sea by a wave. Despite the fact that the woman was the only person that found the place and had not registered complaints of disappearance, the Civil Guard gave total credibility to the story, and began the operating of search, who on Thursday began the work to locate the missing partner.

In the device that was developed in the last few days with specialists of the group of underwater activities, members of the general management of Emergencies, police, local Santanyi, as well as volunteers from the Civil Protection and Maritime Rescue, which traced the area with a boat and a helicopter. The two young men missing were two cousins of nationality Hungarian who were spending a few days holiday in the seaside resort and staying in a hostel in Cala D’or. The bodies of emergency will continue with the work of search to give with the other tourists disappeared.


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