Howitzer, Wildebeest, Saurom, WarCry have a new showcase to mesmerize their fans with their hymns. Bands of rock hard national classic, those that have never lost to their loyal fans decades after its peak, will have in 2023 with a festival especially designed to revive the movement of the heavy metal in Spanish. The pavilion 1 of Ifema (Feria de Madrid) will host the 15th February, the first edition of the Rock Scene. The intention, according to organizers, is that in the encounter “some of the bands most classic and precursor of the rock scene and heavy in Spain is to give the hand with the artists more pointers of later generations”.

Poster of the Rock Scene.

Well, the power metal band WarCry will be head of a cartel conclusive, where the heavy weapons will be run by two veterans groups in madrid, Howitzer, standing since the early eighties, and Wildebeest, that he gave his first steps in 1974. To close this first edition, Saurom, Leo Jimenez, Dark Moor and Lèpoka. Tickets are on sale from this Thursday 31 October at ten in the morning on Ticketmaster and El Corte Inglés at a promotional price of 25 euros plus expenses for the first 500 buyers. After will be sold at 30 euros plus expenses.

The movement for the heavy emerged in Madrid in the eighties, as an evolution of the more radical rock of the seventies. Perhaps the broth culture of the Transition was the ideal for these bands of strong rhythms and lyrics of rebels that filled with shining long the big cities. The arrival of other trends and musical styles, in addition to the loss of presence on the radio, cornered the hard rock the national, which however became a kind of cult that never have been ardent followers. Rock scene want to give greater visibility to these bands with a festival specialist.


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