When the sun beats down and the temperatures are still chasing the top, there are a lot of Germans nothing Better than a cold beer to cool off. And also in Mexico Cerveza is a popular refrigerant. Now, a legislative initiative in the Parliament of Mexico City, to prohibit the sale of cold beer. Fall of the reactions, as you would expect.

The draft after all the drinks with seven and less percentage of alcohol is no longer in “cooled, or other condition as the room temperature” should continue to be sold. As it can be in Mexico is known to be pretty hot, that would be beer for the majority of people simply inedible.

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is Precisely the intention of the author of the draft, the Deputy Lourdes Paz Reyes, a member of the Morena group in the city Parliament, too. Its stated goal is to reduce alcohol consumption in the town. There, it is popular to buy cold beer in large bottles and consume it with plastic cups the same. Not as a pub-run so-called “Chelerías” and the resulting Drink on the street Reyes, a thorn in the eye. Also, because teenagers are much easier to alcohol. By law you would have to cool the beer at home and would drink it then probably there as well.

“Leave our beer alone,”

The population – scarcely surprising – only a little in favour of the proposal left. Almost immediately, the Hashtag #ConLasCervezasNo trendete on Twitter (about: Let our beer in peace), finally landed on the first place of the Twitter Trends.

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“What are our politicians to stupid to think up, without any of the real problems of the metropolis and Mexico to address in General, is unbelievable,” complained one Twitter user. “Why not simply increase the tax, if you want us to drink less?”, another asked. On Twitter, users make all sorts of Jokes about the silly perceived ban on fun.

in fact, you can’t deny that Mexico City has a Problem with cheap alcohol. Brandy’s out there for little money, more than 45 percent of the high-percentage beverages are to be extended with third-party materials. A study recently found that whole-75.8 per cent of the inhabitants of the metropolis to see the cheap-to-noise on the street as the main factor of criminal and anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods, reported the Guardian. The legislative initiative is, therefore, not so absurd as it first seems.

sources: Twitter, Guardian


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