in 2008, the whole country rejoiced with her celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Because of the promised country-wide Restaurants under the name “Oxford” for the middle class to open up, the emphasis on quality and good ingredients, with a first-class animal welfare standards and a great Team. The chain would later be called “Jamie’s Italian”. The restaurant critic of the Guardian, Matthew Norman, wrote at the time, after he had visited the first Restaurant of a TV chef: “If Jamie can imitate this early Form of Oxford, he will be driving soon, award-winning, recession-proof Cash Cows across the country.”

1300 jobs Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain is affected is broke: How the financial Disaster Snieguole Wachter

started By Denise, A decade later the picture looks very different: The “Sunday Times” recently ruled damning about the “Tagliatelle with truffles” in the Jamie’s in Westfield Stratford. The journalist Marina O’loughlin, wrote: “Terrible, a car horn, the salty swamp of Sauce, brown and nutmeg dusted. Tiny pieces, not slices, tasteless black truffle lying around, such as bird’s eye in the soup.”

Only eight months after the harsh criticism of the restaurant chain “Jamie’s Italian” at the end. Most recently Jamie Oliver operating 25 stores in the UK. Now, about 1,300 employees have lost their Job. As the BBC reported, wrote Jamie Oliver an Email to the employee and made “the known struggles of the Casual Dining sector and the decline of British retail, and rising Rents for shops” for the collapse of the company.

Lack of quality in the case of Jamie Oliver Behind the Scenes, Jamie Oliver is the most popular chef in the world – so he goes with his largest weakness Of Denise Snieguole Wachter

This all does not see it that way. Employees told the “BBC” that you found the Restaurants to be great and that you are attracting the wrong customers. Namely bargain hunters with Groupon vouchers dined or tourists. The “Jamie’s Italian”Restaurants but was not able to win regular customers. Analysts also see the Problem in the chains themselves. The quality and the dining experience suffers, especially, not only in the case of “Jamie’s Italian”, but also in other Franchise Restaurants. In the end, it’s going to be a quick profit growth. The quality was in Jamie Oliver’s Local getting worse and worse, also showed a meat scandal, in the Restaurants of star chef were involved. (Read more about it here.)

From the former Spirit of the first Restaurants opened by Jamie Oliver, and which critics say still Golden times before, unfortunately, nothing left. The Italian stores are mutated to inconsequential Franchise Local.

sources: “BBC”, “The Guardian”, “Sunday Times”


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