Lev Leshchenko joined the home flash mob in his honor

Lev Leshchenko joined the home flash mob in their honor

Lev Leshchenko, who previously confirmed coronavirus, shared how his time at the infectious diseases hospital in Moscow, the TV channel Moscow 24.

Artist sang the song “Nadezhda” and wished the Russians to protect yourself, your home and your health. Thus Leshchenko joined the home flash mob.

It has launched in a network of colleagues and fans. They performed the song by Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolay Dobronravov in support Leshchenko.

Earlier, Leo Leshchenko was confirmed coronavirus, which has become a cause of pneumonia.

the Actor has been admitted to the hospital with the clinical and radiological picture of community-acquired pneumonia. In the first days the patient’s condition worsened, increased shortness of breath and decreased indicators of blood oxygenation. In this regard, he was put in the intensive care unit. Now the state of the singer improved. He was transferred to a regular ward.

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