Lewis Capaldi has promised his fan that he won’t take the depressing songs out of his repertoire. The songs of the British singer-songwriter are usually melancholic and stimulate thinking, melting away or mourning.

The musician recently revealed that he had written many happy lyrics with Beat in the corona isolation. Now, however, he promises that under no circumstances will he neglect his sad brand-name songs.

“I will also press out depressive songs!”

In a conversation with Joe Jonas in a live video on Instagram, the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer now said: “There are a lot of happy songs here, but don’t worry, I will also press out a few depressive songs.”

The songs only differ in the melody, but the lyrics would not deal with happy topics. “Everything I’ve written so far has been a lot faster than the old stuff, but lyrically it’s just as depressing.”

Despite the lockdown, the 23-year-old has no problems with his inspiration. In fact, he comes up with a lot of ideas. But he emphasizes that not all of them are useful: “It flows, but it’s like diarrhea. It also flows. That doesn’t mean that you want him too. ”(Bang)


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