After an intense and successful campaign with single gold and platinum for the album “Liebe” and the subsequent piano version, a new song by Mark Forster comes surprisingly: “Übermorgen”.

As soon as you hear the first few bars, it becomes clear: here someone breaks up, here someone searches and finds a new and clear language, here absolute honesty meets joyful euphoria.

Mark Forster veröffentlicht heute "Übermorgen"


Synth sound from the 80s

Mark Forster writes more personally than ever, reflects his own existence as a person in relationships and in the world. He is inspired and inspired by everything that happens around him – and by the sound of his childhood, by eurythmics, A-ha and Depeche Mode.
How well all of this harmonizes in the end is demonstrated by the day after tomorrow, full of self-confidence and with new artistic precision.

A thoughtful hymn to the now and at the same time a beaming look into the future – with “all the dreams and all the worries”.


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