A local train captured at a railway crossing in the lower Saxony town of Stade, a pupil, and fatally injured. The 16-Year-old was on the way home and waited for the barrier with your bike first, in front of a closed and a Half, until a train passed by, police spokesman Rainer Bohmbach said. A from the against the direction of the next train you have missed. “It is a tragic misfortune. Presumably, she thought, the barrier is the same. She’s just been distracted.“

The 36-year-old train driver from Cuxhaven slowed the 80 to 90 miles per hour fast train instantly, could not avoid the accident. The young people recorded with your Bicycle by train, and about 50 meters through the air.

The driver suffered in the accident, a shock, and was replaced reportedly by a colleague who went back to the train, then, first of all, in the Stade train station. The 130 passengers in the train were unharmed. The railway line Stade–Cuxhaven had to be closed for about two and a half hours. The accident 50 firefighters, police officers and paramedics were in use.

The train is reduced since the number of Transitions

In Jever could be prevented on Monday morning, a collision between a seven to ten students-occupied Bus and a regional train. The Bus was driven to the police information about the railway crossing, but due to the volume of traffic on the rails came to a halt, as the barriers closed. The direction of Heidmühle coming, the train was able to brake in good time.

According to Deutsche Bahn, has halved the number of accidents at level crossings between 2002 and 2016, from 294 to 140. 2016, which killed 29 people. However, more than 90 percent of the collisions could have been avoided by the correct behavior of the traffic participants. Of the in Germany still 16.871 railway crossings (end of 2016) are backed up according to the track about 61 percent technically. In lower Saxony there are 2134 railway crossings, in Bremen, there are 22.


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