The tourist areas of Madrid received with surprise the announcement of who will be the next capital hosting the climate summit of the United Nations, known as COP25. The capital deals with the challenge of hosting close to 25,000 people —including representatives from 200 Governments, NGOS, media, businessmen, in addition to ministers and heads of State and Government—. The appointment must serve to close finish the regulation that develops the Paris Agreement, which dates 2015. The event is scheduled to take place between 2 and 13 December. Although missing the final confirmation on the part of one of the organs of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Government assumes that the appointment will take place in Spain.

After the chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, announced this Thursday the offer of the Spanish Government to accept the appointment cancelled due to the massive protests that have saturated the streets of Santiago, the hotel sector in Madrid did not hesitate to say that the city is prepared for the international convention. Gabriel García Alonso, president of the asociación empresarial hotelera de Madrid said: “We are eager to demonstrate what we are capable of the locals. We are a city preparadísima to host these events.”


A summit against climate change in the homeland of the european coal UN warns that the country must triple its efforts to comply with the Paris Agreement

The representative business also stressed that this is not the first time that Madrid is facing an event of such magnitude: “When we welcomed the Copa Libertadores, there was no conflict. And because of that, we have held more events, such as the Champions in may.” Only the Copa Libertadores brought estimated profits of between 40 and 55 million euros, according to estimates by the CEIM and the Madrid city Council, respectively. García highlights the safety of the capital as one of the strong points, as well as the plentiful supply of accommodation, which create enough despite the fact that the event coincides with the bridge of the Constitution: “Only in hotels, Madrid has more then 90,000 beds”.

The businessmen match. Miguel Garrido, president of the business confederation of Madrid (CEIM) was optimistic about the announcement and ensures that you will have success: “this Means an increase of direct income and also induced because it is a showcase to the world.” Garrido points out the work of coordination between Administrations: “they have organized large meetings or events and have been a success. Madrid is perfectly prepared to welcome an initiative of these dimensions”.

Other employers highlighted the long-term benefits that will lead to the climate summit. José Luis Zoreda, vice-president of the employers ‘ association of tourism Exceltur, says: “We will be in the focus of international media, with all the positive implications that this means for tourism”.

The massive number of participants you will attract the convention will involve a challenge in the mobility sector. His edition of three years ago, held in Paris (COP21), it surpassed the 28,000 attendees. Jesus Fernandez, vice president of the federation of professional taxi Madrid, ensures that any event which increases the demand for transport is welcome: “In December, we tend to strengthen from the second half of our services, but before the arrival of so many visitors, we proposed to pass”.

in Addition, the VTC is declared prepared for the eventual arrival of attendees who came from all parts of the world. David Perez, global vice president of sustainable impact of Cabify adds: “it Is early to quantify, but we will make the maximum effort.”

Cristina Rivero Fernández, head of the department of Industry, Energy and Environment of the CEOE, however, are skeptical at this point and doubt of the success that ensure the other sectors. “They have given very little time, yet it’s not even confirmed and people also already have the tickets for Chile. It’s not going to be a transfer easy. And not just on the economic factor, even in terms of assistance”.

beyond the accounts of hotels, restaurants and means of transport, events with large audiences and advertising are likely to generate a return in brand image to the recipient country.


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