the office of The Prosecutor has requested eight years of imprisonment and the loss of parental authority over their children for 10 to the exconcursante of Big Brother, Carlos Navarro, El Yoyas, who is accused of five offences of ill-treatment, one of threats and one of harassment, in this case mild. Navarro is formally processed since the beginning of the year by a court of Telde (Gran Canaria), who has just completed the statement of the facts denounced in 2018, the former spouse of the defendant and also contestant television, Fayna Bethencourt, with whom he has two children.

In a legal qualification being this Friday, Canarias 7, the prosecutor tells the various beatings, insults and humiliation that Bethencourt lived in throughout their relationship with Navarro, whom he met in the competition of Telecinco in 2001, where they began their relationship. In fact, he was expelled from the program for physically assaulting Bethencourt.

The prosecutor in the case argues that, from the beginning of cohabitation, Navarro was supported by the “emotional dependence of Fayna, that would make trying to convince her that her parents did not want”, and established a relationship that “had absolute control of the domestic economy as well as limiting the autonomy” of his wife, to monitor their communications and movements.”


Carlos ‘El Yoyas’, arrested for domestic violence on Gran Canaria

it Also indicates that the exconcursante was so “degrading” to his partner, who “clasped his hand or giving him a stomp when I wanted him to shut up”. His behavior, continues the public ministry, it was becoming more and more “violent, hostile and humiliating” to Bethencourt, which was worsened with the birth of their children.

The prosecutor argues that, in the presence of the children of both, Navarro assaulted his wife “on multiple occasions, her neck to raise it to the ground, kick, punch, threaten and insultándola often”, with phrases such as “you are a daughter of a bitch”, a “subnormal” or a “golfa”. Always according to the indictment, in that way the Yoyas generated in the address a “climate of terror” that affected minors.

The various episodes of ill-treatment to the Prosecutor’s office attached to Navarro beginning in 2013, when they allegedly gave him a beating in front of his son, who was then three years old, and dragged her to the bedroom while telling her: “What do you want me to break your arm or a rib?”.

In 2017, the couple moved to Gran Canaria, because Bethencourt had hopes that Navarro has a change of conduct, but he, “far from changing their behaviour, he continued insulting his wife, both directly and through their children, telling them by constant phone calls expressions such as ‘the whore of your mother,’ or ‘what a disgust of a woman”, pointing to the prosecutor.

Bethencourt reported for the first time on September 5, 2017, but then went to court to ask for the file of the proceedings, for, was, have forgiven. However, the January 11, 2018, returned to report it. After being arrested, the court of violence on women in Telde decreed probation and imposed, as a precautionary measures, a restraining order of Bethencourt and his two sons, and the prohibition of living in Gran Canaria.


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