Postal – An 86-Year-old has want to light in lower Bavaria, his wood stove, and got killed in a fire. The man had wanted to turn to police information by Thursday at his home in postal (in the district of Straubing-Bogen) the oven use a fire accelerator. There was an explosion and a fire. The residents suffered burns and smoke inhalation. The flame extinguished by itself.

postal: man wants to Stoke the furnace and. is killed

The investigators assumed that the fire between Sunday and Tuesday broke out The employee of a nursing service, called on Tuesday to the emergency, because the man opened the door.

upper Bavaria Neufahrn bei Freising was injured on Thursday in a 77-year-old pensioner when you try to delete even a fire extinguisher on a burning row house. Now he is in the hospital, such as* reported.


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