A free Parking space is a Parking space, will think of some motorists, regardless of the label, but it is allowed to Park as a man on a woman in the Parking lot, if it is not occupied?

What is a Woman?

Mrs Parking spaces are specifically for the use of women designated or marked Parking spaces in public space.

you are set up in Parking garages or Parking lots and is intended to serve, that women feel safer there. Introduced in the 90s after some studies found how women were frightened of violent crime and Assault. Therefore, a woman’s Parking lot is usually near the exits or escape routes will be monitored by cameras and is better lit.

In some länder, like Schleswig-Holstein or North Rhine-listed Westphalia, the wife Parking in the garage regulations and in Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg, is precisely defined as the proportion of women’s Parking spaces in large garages must be.

men on the woman Parking: Is that allowed?

Da woman Parking are not a part of the highway code, you must expect men with no penalty, if you Park there. Otherwise, the burst, of course, in the disabled Park, where in the case of unlawful use of a fine of 35 Euro will be charged.

However, even if the Traffic does not intervene: The owner of the Parking lot can make use of the house rules and of the terrain – even in the Form of a ban from the house – point.

in General, it is advisable to keep to the given rules – if only out of consideration to other road users.

A current topic, which many car drivers annoys mad: supermarkets control more strict on their Parking spaces and distribute high fines.

Also interesting: With this announcement, the motorist will be defending his Parking lot.

Franziska Kaindl


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