Sandra kiriasis and her (44) in the jungle camp? Many Fans could not imagine quite how a Bobpilotin in the jungle should fit. The performance athlete, Olympic champion and seven-times world champion. But now, the blonde posted a hot Bikini photo of her and proves that she can still be quite different.

Sandra kiriasis and her in a Bikini: Increases the chances of a jungle camp victory?

In your Instagram Post the jungle camp candidate kiriasis and her posing in the sun on a rocky outcrop by the sea. Only in a Bikini, with a hat and sunglasses, the performance of the athlete puts their body in the spotlight. Water splashes and a play of light and shadow give the picture a little seductive.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sandra kiriasis and her (@Sandra kiriasis and her) on Jan 15, 2019 11:55 PST

The image posted, of course, Indira Weis, the companion of kiriasis and her in the jungle camp in 2019 and operation in order to make advertising for your girlfriend: “Wow, she looks good!!! So, no one knows you!!! All the respect and Holla the forest fairy!!! The Bobhase can also be sexy!!! Calls for Sandra and post on Your pages calls for you. Please use our Hashtags, which you can see below! Thank you for your support, your Indi.“

reactions to Sandra kiriasis and her in a Bikini: “Wow, echt scharf”

A Fan of “I am a celebrity – Get me out of here” contestant commented directly: “Wow, real sharp, a real eye-catcher.”

Whether or not it will increase your chances to win in the jungle camp, in fact, remains to be seen. The successful Bobfahrerin, however, belongs to the celebrities, the may still remain in the jungle.

Here you will find all the news from day 12 in the jungle camp (Live-Ticker).



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