Manufacturer SSJ-100 will appeal to the Prosecutor due to a faulty ladder

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

the Company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (SCAC) plans to appeal to the Prosecutor’s office because of the publication of the video by a former engineer of OKB Sukhoi Vadim Lukashevich of the incorrect issue of emergency ladders.

the SCAC intends to require the definition of the video source, the circumstances of the shooting and its distribution. “You need to understand on what basis the unidentified person on Board triggered the release of an inflatable ladder and why the device worked correctly”, – stated in the message.

In the GSS emphasized that “the video is absolutely not precisely recorded trials, which are held regularly by the manufacturer”. When, by whom and where did the shooting is unclear, said there. The producer saw what happened next round “campaign to discredit the products of the Russian aircraft industry”.

Lukashevich wrote in Facebook that the video footage published reference checks issuance of ladders, which were held on 4 and 7 February in “Aeroflot”. According to him, “two ladder came out upside down, one even broke”, reports TASS.

Thus, the control test showed that the SSJ-100 “is not consistent with the airworthiness standards and the issued certificate in respect of ensuring the evacuation of people”, concluded the expert.

declared guilty in the collapse of the SSJ-100 in Sheremetyevo.

Earlier it was reported that the world and Russia remains a demand for aircraft SSJ-100, in spite of the accident, which occurred at Sheremetyevo may 5, 2019. According to Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, “the mind takes its” and buyers are not willing to give up Russian development.

Then SSJ-100 “Aeroflot” flight from Moscow to Murmansk, caught fire after an emergency landing. 41 people died of the 78 aboard. The investigative Committee has come to a final conclusion that the crash of the Sukhoi Superjet of Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo blame the commander of the crew.

Denis Evdokimov charged with violation of governmentl operation of the aircraft. It is established that he made a destructive overload that exceeded the operating limitations of the aircraft.

in addition, the fit of the SSJ 100 was made at too great speed. Liner three jumped from the runway, and then broke landing gear. This, in turn, resulted in structural failure of the aircraft, spilling fuel and further fires.

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