the leader of The PP, Paul Married, he has taken the election campaign this Friday to Vitoria, where he hopes to regain the seat he lost in the past elections, now with Mary in the White Sea as the head of the list. In the first row continued his speech, Javier Maroto, who after losing his seat by Lava in April was repositioned in the Senate by Castile and León, and the dome of the PP basque, which maintains a tense relationship with the national direction and rejects the imposition of the candidate chosen by Genoa for the top of the list for Gipuzkoa, Mr Arcauz.

After the statements of Pedro Sanchez ruling out a grand coalition, Married he has been accused of pretending to re-edit what he calls the “Government of Frankenstein”, this is: we Can and independence. “We’re in Halloween. And wants to return to dress up as Frankenstein. The goat pulls to the mount. Although it is appreciated that after several weeks doing the trick finally, we have shown who they want to make the deal,” he said. The president of the PP, however, had already declared in an interview in THE COUNTRY that rules out the grand coalition with the PSOE —”would leave the country in the hands of Vox and we Can”— and an abstention of the PP in order to facilitate a socialist Government —”it seems to Me science fiction”.

Married has ironizado with the fact that Sanchez is close to you Can despite the fact that José Félix Tezanos, director of the CIS, “gives 370 seats [in Congress, there are 350 in total] and have been assured that the party of Pablo Iglesias wants to “convert to Spain in Venezuela”.

The popular president has insisted that the Government “will shake the legs with the pro-independence because they are “partners” and because the PSOE “send Miquel Iceta” [leader of the PSC]. And he has criticized that Sanchez offered to Chile celebrate in Madrid the climate summit “when he is not even able to guarantee the safety of a football match”, in allusion to the postponement of the Barça – Real Madrid by the unrest in Catalonia.

During his speech, Married, has come to say that the PSOE is “the only party with problems with the justice sentenced the firm”. It was the judgment of the case Gürtel which led to the motion of censure were forcibly evicted by the PP Government in 2018. Alfonso Alonso, the president of the PP basque, has referred to it as the day that the PNV “stabbed to Rajoy”, in allusion to the covenant that both parties had signed a few days before to take forward the Budgets.


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