Paul Married has forsaken this Sunday, the tone and the image of moderation that he tried to show from the bump electoral suffered for their formation last April. While the surveys exposed to a rise in intent to vote for the Vox, and also of the PP, the popular president has said during a rally in Madrid to Pedro Sanchez he was interested in violence in Catalonia. About 300 police officers were injured during the riots, and four people lost one eye.


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“Has forced elections knowing that the judgment of the Supreme against the leaders of the sedition were going to arrive before the 14th of October. I knew it, and made to coincide the elections because he thought that he was interested in that would have violence in those days and he appeared as the truncheon wrapped in the flag,” said Casado, referring to an alleged tactical plan of the president-in-office. “But as soon as the surveys have begun to be set at 120 [seats, the less of the that has now the socialist party], we will not disturb the PSC and to the independence party, as if we needed another time its supports.”

the leader of The PP has been “held accountable” directly to Sanchez of any incident occurring this Monday in the presentation of awards Princess of Girona, as well as in the day of reflection and the elections, the next 10 of November.”Have to see the King go to Catalonia with a security measures as if you were going to an area in civil war. What happens? What do you want to truly achieve the pathway slovenian? Were 70 dead,” said Casado. “Mr. Sanchez, this is not Burkina Faso, not Yemen, is Spain. Put this in order of Catalonia for a time. It is already well! Stop negotiating with the independents. And this is not election, it is that I’m a parent of two children, I love Spain and can’t take it anymore a Government that so foul is folded and call for the nationalists”.

“We are not of the ‘pass it on”, has warned Married. “We warned a week before, for then he [Sanchez] did not look for excuses as to whether the confusion, I do not know what has happened, Iceta and the grandmother who smokes,” added the leader of the PP referring to the possibility of violent acts in the celebration of the awards Princess of Girona as in the day of reflection and on the day of voting, November 10.

The popular candidate has also secured during his intervention, for 45 minutes, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, presented the plan “more ambitious of Spain against pollution”, despite the fact that he tried to reverse the Madrid Central, and that “who ended up with the evictions, was Luis de Guindos”, former minister of Economy. “He stopped to 55,000 with the code of good practice. Not with demagogy and banners,” he said.

In the first row, on the 31st floor of the tower Space, they listened to him the first names of the list for Madrid, as well as the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida —which symbolically closes the list— and the president of the Community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. During her speech, Ana Pastor, number two in the list, has said: “The PP is a great match of honorable people. We can put down because of our pockets does not come out absolutely nothing.” The former minister has also referred to, without citing them, to Vox pretend to give lessons of spanishness. “The PP does not have to get up every morning with the bata de cola and a flag. The unity of Spain take it in the heart.”


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