The new business of the ships, is a crumb in the emporium of the seven children of Carmen Franco, the only child of the dictator who died in 2017 at the age of 91. The grandchildren of the late head of State now handle an intricate web of 21 societies that accumulate a net worth of 102,5 million and 258 properties, according to a research of THE COUNTRY.

The cake real estate includes a palace, 22 houses, 195 garage spaces, 29 farms, five commercial premises and three meadows.

The brick, public relations, day care centers or hotels planned in the cluster

While focused on the brick, the strands of the descendants of the dictator encompasses activities unknown. Public relations (Ocnarf SL) day care centers (child Services Dulcinea S. L.) or hotels (CM 16 S. L.) planned in the conglomerate.

public Money and defaults

The schema corporate extends through a participation of 17% to Dulcinea nutrición S. L., a company which was awarded the contract to the cafés of La Moncloa, which has collected three million euros of public bodies between 2016 and 2019 and accumulate strikes for non-payment of salaries to its staff. The staff of Defence, the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), the Ministry of Labour or the town Hall of Malaga have retained the services of this firm in Puertollano (Ciudad Real).

Where lies the origin of this racket business? The answer leads to a general who in 1940 earned an annual payroll as head of State of 50.000 pesetas (300 euros).

To understand this miracle, we must travel to the heart of Madrid. In the Neighborhood of Salamanca stands a stately building at number eight on the street Hermanos Bécquer. It is the crown jewel of the clan. Has seven plants, 4,800 meters and a value of 50 million. The property was featured in the legacy of Carmen Franco and hosts the headquarters of the real estate firms Fiolasa SLU and Sargo Consulting S. L. is A company controlled today by the grandsons of the dictator who drove his daughter until his death. The matriarch charged in 2009 with a monthly payroll of family limited partnerships 17,000 euros and enjoyed the treatment of “your excellency”, according to the records.

A family firm participates with 17% in the company that serves the cáterin in The Moncloa

In the Brothers Bécquer lie four of the seven companies of the more powerful of the grandchildren, Francis. Their scheme builds up a net worth 44.7 million and 225 properties. Includes 18 homes –including a house of 349 metres in the central calle Serrano— a ship of 1,175 meters in Madrid and five low. Notable among these is one of 259 meters destined to offices on calle Ayala in the Salamanca District, where the square meter ranges between 8,000 and 10,000 euros. And two duplexes in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), 80 and 109 yards, respectively.

The bulk of his estate rests in a parking lot. The nietísimo has 193 parking spaces in the heart of Madrid, through three companies. One of them, Tabacmesa SA, controls a parking lot in the number 15 of calle General Pardiñas. With a surface area of 3.992 m, offers 170 spaces that are rented by 181,50 euros per month. Another commercial, Pristina, S. L., has 22 spaces on the street Prince of Vergara. And it has leased from the 2015 BBVA a ground floor of 1,079 metres at number 203 of the also madrid’s calle Alcalá.

Francis refuses to disclose their business. Only confirms the investigations of this paper. And ducks in his three telephone conversations with THE COUNTRY questions about their businesses overseas. What is certain is that, next to the shipping company Slovak Slovenská plavda, that reported in 2014 a dividend of 449.870 euros, the nietísimo commanded through its web commercial companies for the sale of tobacco Border Spol and Koslava Spol (Czech Republic), Andradi com – (Romania) and Helitrade spol (Slovakia), according to the accounts of Tabacmesa. In December 2016 fell out of this conglomerate outside. A miniemporio of the cigarettes to the duty free (duty free shops) who came to raise cash in 2007 with the sale of a shopping centre in the town in the Czech Rozvadov.

But this was not the only adventure outside of the greater of the grandchildren of the dictator. Your company Montecopel SA, which accumulates a net worth of 12.4 million, is welcomed to the tax amnesty approved by the Government of Mariano Rajoy in 2012 to regularize 7.6 million “returns on the outside”, according to the accounts of this society. A mechanism that allowed individuals and companies to bring out black money in exchange of the payment of 10 %, a rate much lower than the taxes not paid in his day.

What is the origin of the fortune of Francis? “In 1980 I went to Chile, where I lived six years, and ten more in Argentina. There cimenté my career as an entrepreneur. As my son Francisco, who has resided in Switzerland, and the united States half of his life”, justifies the nietísimo.

María de la O. Martinez Bordiú, Mariola, happens to Francis in the spiral of success. Through Domarma 3 S. L., manages a net worth of five million. And participates with 20 % in chain of nursery schools and child Services Dulcinea S. L. The firm employs 84 workers and is extended by Guadalajara, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (spain) and Puertollano (Ciudad Real).

With a 17 %, the company’s family of Mariola figure in Dulcinea nutrición S. L., a company with 230 employees and 7.4 million of sales, according to its latest accounts, which markets potitos for babies “100 % natural” under the brand Naturbaby.

The company has a line of business as the successful bidder of public administrations. Along with the catering service of La Moncloa, which runs from 2017 after winning a contract for four years of 1.9 million, Dulcinea nutrición, S. L. also serves the cáterin of the Centre for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) of Ceuta. The grant has focused the attention of the press ceuta by the strike of its workforce as a result of delays in the payment of the payroll.

expand photo A group of tourists to visit the Pazo de Meirás in Sada (A Coruña) in 2017. Oscar Corral

This paper has attempted without success to gather the versions of child Services Dulcinea S. L. and Dulcinea nutrition S. L.

But the portion was more generous of the cake Mariola has first name and last name: CM 16 S. L. is A society where it is contained as a counselor with their children. And that, with an endowment of 10 million, appropriated in 2010, a total of 2.5 to remake a central palace in seville today has been converted into a five-star hotel with 50 rooms. CM 16 S. L. rose in 2008 a promotion of seven homes in the madrid plaza of Delights. Also, acquired in 2010 by 1.5 million 5 % of a building in the heart of the Salamanca district. And was made with the other in the capital by 1.6 million in 2012.

in Addition, the company’s family of Maria de la O Martínez Bordiú participates with 20 % in Breda Capital, which operates a five-star hotel that promises “luxury hedonist” in 111 guest rooms in calle Velázquez, in the Neighborhood of Salamanca. This paper has attempted without success to collect the versions of Breda Capital and María de la O Martínez Bordiú.

The web mercantile Mariola reaches EE. UU., where CM 16 SL has a 9.5% of a society that exploits a property in the city of the coast of Georgia to Savannah and cobra dividends of the firm Komar Investment, according to the records of the company.

Except María del Carmen Martínez Bordiú, which has three meadows Miera and Ruesga (Cantabria) that add up to 9.693 square meters, the rest of the grandsons of the dictator concentrated their possessions in their structure of trade. Thus, the signatures of Mary of the Sea (with an equity of $ 4.1 million), María Aranzazu (3,6), Joseph Christopher (2,9) and Jaime Felipe Martínez-Bordiú (900,000 euros) comprise the bulk of the fortune.

A wealth –according to sources close to the family— it dates back to a plunked urban connected with the sale of an estate in Arroyomolinos (Madrid), acquired by the dictator in the 40’s that was re-qualified from rural land to building in 2003.

When asked about the origin of the multi-billion dollar inheritance, the executor of the clan, Luis Felipe Utrera-Molina, pointing to the wife of the dictator, Carmen Polo. “The family Polo was very rich”, ditch the lawyer who presents it to Francisco Franco as a man of integrity, devoid of the capital sin of greed.

An inheritance of 100 million and an inspection of the Treasury

how Much is the pazo de Meirás?, And what about the baroque mansion House Cornide?, What a stately building of 4,800 meters on the potentate neighborhood of Salamanca? Beyond the legitimacy of the system to be done with the first two, the grandchildren of Francisco Franco argue that the legacy of his mother does not go beyond 100 million. The cake’s real estate is already distributed and ended with a routine inspection of Finance, which forced the descendants of Carmen Franco to pay a figure that did not exceed 3,000 euros, according to confirm Francis Franco and the executor of the clan, Luis Felipe Utrera-Molina. According to this, the market price of the pazo de Meirás -76.792 square metres which include a garden, a meadow, a house, a palace and various pavilions – not to exceed five million. The palace Cornide de A Coruña, of 879 meters, three. And the jewel in the crown, the building of the street of madrid Hermanos Bécquer, costs 50 million. The package of the legacy includes a score of wineries in the surrounding areas of the pazo de Meirás that add up to 35.771 square feet. The fourth part of these possessions is not listed in the civil lawsuit the Government filed against the Franc last July to force the return of the manor, according to the calculations of this paper. “It’s about properties that Francisco Franco was buying in the 40’s and 50’s,” explains Utrera-Molina.

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