Whenever the news is on, we seem to have this image of a world that is spiraling out of control, and the people who are supposed to be responsible for it don’t seem to be doing much. It is unfortunate to see that our politicians are largely incompetent, corrupt, or some mixture of both, but many people agree that a change is needed.

Some will argue that it is democracy’s fault that we’ve reached this point, but democracy is a political ideology, without a motivation of its own. The people who are supposed to represent us are at fault for failing to listen to the constituents who put them in power, but it is also due to the lack of awareness about the democratic process.

When the people are the ones who choose their leaders, they share some of the blame when those leaders end up going against their wishes. Political awareness is one of the best ways to make the world a better place, and that is why Mason Soiza has decided to start a new nonprofit: Viewpoints Political Awareness.

Mason Soiza: From Entrepreneurship to Charity

While he may only be 24 years old, Mason Soiza is a shining example of what you can accomplish with the internet and the right amount of motivation. With an interest in technology that started at a young age, Mason Soiza eventually used the skills that he built up to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur.

There are plenty of people with the technical skills required to make their dreams come true, but entrepreneurs also need people skills, and Mason Soiza also has to thank his sheer charisma for his success. However, when he finally achieved his goals, Mr. Soiza found that he wanted more, but not in the way you would expect.

Many people have been in Mason Soiza’s position, and a lot of them have chosen to keep amassing as much money as possible without any regard for others. Mr. Soiza decided to do the opposite, making enough off of his investments to live comfortably, he has now devoted himself to improving the world for others.

Mason Soiza has begun several nonprofits, most of which are based in his preferred field of technology, but he has stepped out of his comfort zone with his latest project. Viewpoints Political Awareness is like nothing we have yet seen from the young entrepreneur, so let’s take a closer look at it.

Viewpoints Political Awareness

In an age where politics are looking as dark as ever, Mason Soiza wanted to make a difference in more than just the domain of technology. Mr. Soiza has long been a proponent of social justice, and his political position aligns with whichever party is willing to give people the most personal liberties.

However, unlike other youth political organizations, Viewpoints was designed to simply educate younger people about our political system instead of trying to force them into a way of thinking. By taking a look at matters through a neutral lens, it will become easier for young people to understand the far-reaching effects of politics.

Mr. Soiza has always contended that knowledge is power, as that is certainly true in his own field of expertise, but this is also true in politics. If the democratic process is to work, the people who are voting need to know who and what they are voting for, as it will otherwise be a giant game of chance.

An Eye on the Future

You’ll find that many of Mason Soiza’s initiatives are focused on the future instead of the present, and he has stated that he believes the next generation is the key to improving this world. Depending on how we raise young people, we can either save or doom our planet, according to Soiza.

“We find ourselves in a very precarious position; something of a crossroads, and I feel like these youngsters have a chance to reverse some of the damage that we’ve done,” stated Soiza. Only time will tell whether or not Viewpoints Political Awareness can improve our current political climate, but it looks like a lofty goal.


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