Rügen – you wat, one of the great Stars in the ARD series “Forbidden love”, now she’s dead. Dinah Schilffarth, died Monday evening, just 45 years from cancer, the image is reported. The actress was able to defeat the devastating disease.

“Forbidden love”Star Dinah Schilffarth is dead: Twice in cancer

Dinah Schilffarth began her acting career in Vienna and was already stage soon both the theatre as well as in front of the camera. Already with 23 years, her big break came in 1996, she was for the first time in the ARD series “Forbidden love”. For two years she played the role of Cleo Winter and became famous.

“she was asked, and could never say no. So you played during the day, Forbidden love, and in the evening it was still on the stage of a theatre in Düsseldorf“, tells Schilffarths father bild.de. Their happiness seemed perfect, as they work met during the filming of her future husband, Roland Pfaus. First of all, you fell in love in front of the camera, but soon also in real life. However, only a year after her first appearance in “Forbidden love,” the shock of diagnosis: lymph glands, cancer.

ARD-Star dies of cancer: “We had hoped it would. this Time it’s all good”

Immediately under Dinah Schilffarth broke her acting career in order to be healthy again During her recovery phase she wrote together with her husband, screenplays, 1998, the actress appeared after chemotherapy in Public again. Self-confident and without a wig.

+ Only a year after their cancer diagnosis showed Dinah Schilffarth without a wig on live TV. From left to right: Nicole Belstler-Boettcher, Götz Alsmann and Dinah Schilffarth.© picture-alliance / WDR / Wdr

once Dinah Schilffarth had defeated the cancer, the more it will meet, according to her father the whole family. “We are all shocked! We had hoped it would this Time, too, everything is good,“ he says to the image. Twenty years of the first and second cancer diagnosis passed between Schilffarths. In the spring of 2018, then, according to the daily newspaper the bad news, the cancer came back, and would sprinkle in the lungs.

ARD-Star Dinah Schilffarth dies of cancer – and Now her last wish is fulfilled

on Monday evening lost Schilffarth finally, the fight against cancer. Most recently, she lived with her husband and 18-year-old twin sons, on the island of Rügen. Their family of 45-Year-old memory would now like to: “she was very happy. On the island of Rügen we will plant for you a tree – that was her last wish,“ Schilffarths father image.

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