is it, by the way, the AMG GLC 63 S+ is currently the fastest ever measured SUV on the nürburgring Nordschleife. Not that this is one of the customers seriously try out likely to, but who’s not necessarily a plan invests, the circle 510 HP strong GLC 63 S+ that is just as dangerous as impressive Eifel geschlängel in 7,49 minutes, and leaves all other Family musclemen behind. “The lap record on the Nordschleife has provided impressive proof that the GLC is 63 driving dynamic at the top of its segment. With our V8 Biturbo engine, we have a key differentiator in the competitive environment. Thus, the GLC 63 is an all-rounder for every occasion,” says AMG chief Tobias Moers.

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Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S+ 4matic

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piece of cake on the revised Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S built-in+ is the double-turbocharged four-liter V8, with its 375 kW / 510 HP at exactly the level of performance of its direct competitor, the BMW X3 M. From the Stand of the noble middle-class-SUV accelerates in 3.8 seconds to 100 kph and is sealed off at 280 km/h electronically. The maximum torque of 700 Nm is available consistently between 1,750 and 4,500 rpm and guarantees impressive Bursts. However, the grandiose North loop time is due not only to the brawny, rattling eight-cylinder, but, in particular, to a chassis, the high-tech needs. This applies only to a limited extent for the standard consumption of lush is 12.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometres.

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As the strongest of all the GLC provides, among other things, a variable air suspension with adjustable damping, an electronically controlled rear differential and dynamic engine mounts, which was once only in real sports cars. Of the high-tech equipment, the driver benefits not only on the race track, because of the extensive tuning package convinced from all in everyday life. The dampers are not matched, even for a powerhouse such as the AMG to hard and let the seat up to five occupants to their notable comfort. Delight of the nearly two-ton four-wheel drive may be. however, especially on winding country roads, where you must not select the sport modes to have a hell of fun Balanced and understated in the Background, this is the well-known nine-speed automatic, with the ‘ 63 GLC, at any time, at the height of the performance queries. The connection to the supercharged V8-engine as well as to the two drive axes is excellent.

In the case of the driving programs at the GLC AMG also slightly confusing as on the new steering Wheel, because, in contrast to the tamer SUV from the family composite of the ‘ 63 has six modes. Smoothness, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Individual and Race, the Central tunnel and are associated with the driving dynamics control, which offers a further four programs (Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master). After all, these parameters are assigned as well as the variable distribution of power between the two axles automatically. However, it is hardly conceivable that one of the sports to push it to loyal customers this wide range. Excellent work in the tight Hairpins, the electronically controlled rear axle differential. This reduces the slip on the inside rear wheel without the Intervention of the brake system and this is the more ambitious of curves and bends-accelerate out, while the bassy V8 beguiled the ears.

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no Matter in which Tempo it is on the move – the power of the eight-cylinder engine remains impressive, although this model of care has not changed. Similar can be said of the appearance, because even if there are new light modules at the Front and rear – not too much has happened in the new edition. The same applies for the high quality interior, although the refreshed GLC has in every engine variant is now on the MBUX-the operating system that was introduced with the small models, the front-wheel drive platform. Nevertheless, the Central screen with its diagonal of 10.25 inches for a premium model of the year 2019 is likely to be a lot bigger and the Impliment of the digital instruments in the indicated round watches despite the 12.3-inch-size-too-attached. In addition to the classic View you can switch to the Top model on two further AMG-specific representation.

as standard, the small Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 rolls with its 475 HP on 19-inch tyres with 235er tires up front and 255er the rear. The S-Version of the rolls on 20-inch tyres, which can, if necessary, on 21-inch extend, are mounted on 9.5 or 10 inch wide wheels. Otherwise, the standard equipment of the Mercedes-AMG GLC offers 63 S+ in spite of the lush base price of 95.949 Euro, many of the gaps, the commitment in the option list to fill. Bitter: auto equipment, seats details, such as real-time navigation, electric leather, or a digital Radio are not included in the price of about 100,000 euros.

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