In Germany, be placed in the E-Scooter is only Recently that the rental company. The Parisians had for a long time the doubtful pleasure, that their city is made of tens of thousands of motorised Sharing scooters full. A total of twelve companies will compete holes to win the favor of Paris and more are in the start. Currently, about 20,000 E-scooters are in use, the end of the year there will be 40.000. And although the Scooter for the customer are very popular, has changed the mood of Paris after two deaths and numerous accidents.

The market researcher Hugo Roëls the Online Petition “Let’s get the Invasion of the Trottinettes in the streets of Paris” started to stop. The “German wave”, he said, “The Trottinettes are not only dangerous, they also hold, according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group just three months, on the other hand, eco-friendly, and create a complete Chaos in the city.”

Statewide rules for E-Scooter Vespa Elettrica Now, the Vespa comes with electric motor – but who buys the E-scooter? Gernot Kramper

in the Meantime, the town hall has reacted, before there were hardly any rules and regulations. Christophe Najdovski, Deputy mayor of Paris, promises further measures. The temporary Chaos did not prevent the city of Paris, he said to “Deutsche Welle”. “As the scooter arrived last year in the city, you have informed us, but the company didn’t have to ask us for permission, because this means of transport is not yet regulated by law.” Only in a couple of months a mobility law, the country would create a level rules.

In Paris, things are starting to change already 1. July. The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has described the scooter as “anarchic”, while transport Minister Elisabeth Borne of the newspaper “Le Parisien” told that the city is experiencing with the scooters, “the law of the jungle”. From 1. July will be charged a fine of 35 Euro for wrong Parking. The use of sidewalks is prohibited. Anyone caught with a scooter, on the sidewalk, be fined 135 euros. It is forbidden to it to use a scooter to save cost. The scooters are no longer allowed to ride in Parks. The strict rules are a response to the many accidents. The pianist, Isabelle, Albertin has been injured in an accident in a Park difficult. In addition, the entire capital is set to a Scooter-top speed of 20 km/h.

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E-Scooter-self – test- the E-Scooter through Paris By Jan Boris wintzen castle

Who turns off inputs his scooter to fences, the house and courtyards, must reckon with a fine. Also, the Parking on sidewalks is prohibited. Left only in special Parking zones remain. In France, the invoice will be sent for traffic violations to the owner of the vehicle. Here, this means that The lender will have to pay the fines – you may be able to pass on the costs to the customers.

600 E-Scooter seized a small scooter Unu-scooter – the quick and cheap E-mobility for the City Of Gernot Kramper

In the future, it is not so easy scooter easy. The rental companies have to pay a city registration fee: 50 Euro per unit for the first 500 scooter, after which the fee increases to 65 Euro. It is to be assumed, if also not entirely clear that the fee is tied to the specific scooter. This would mean that for every exchange roller a new payment is due. In the case of the low service life of the devices that would be a noticeable cost factor.

But even before the rules on 1. July, in force, attack the authorities. More than 600 scooter has been seized in Paris.

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E-Scooter will not leave mountains of garbage, so Alexander Kirn. Its Invers is the global market leader for sharing technology and software. The policy must decide how much car-free mobility you have, and what they are willing to give scooters.

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