Mikhail Denisenko: what happened to the other Margelov, who could become the

Biography 21/03/20 Mikhail Denisenko: what happened to the other Margelov, who could become “father” VDV

the Name of Vasily Margelov, who is called “father” of the airborne troops, probably known to everyone. But few know that VDV could be a second “father” — Mikhail Denisenko. It was he who in 1948 led the command of the airborne division of the Belarusian military district. At the same time, Margelov became the commander of the Chernihiv division. Soon, however, Denisenko life was tragically cut short, and the cause is vows exchanged by generals.

the Colonel from a peasant family

not surprisingly, Mikhail Ivanovich Denisenko Vasily Filippovich Margelov became so close to each other. The fact that their fates are in many ways similar. If you believe the authors of the edition “Feat: documentary essays on the Heroes of the Soviet Union,” Ivan Gricenko and Nicholas Golovin, Mikhail Ivanovich Denisenko was born in 1899 on the territory of the Lebedinsky area of Ukraine. Denisenko, as Margelov, was born in normal, not-rich family of Mikhail Ivanovich came from ordinary peasants. And the future “father” of the airborne forces, and his companion to military service only graduated from primary school and began to work as a teenager. With 16 years Denisenko worked on the railroad construction.
But his true calling Mikhail Denisenko found after in 1919 went to give back to the Motherland. As a member of the red Army, he took an active part in the civil war, and after has expressed a desire to join the Communist party. Subsequently, Denisenko continued his studies: he graduated from the infantry training and infantry school and military policies. In connection with the recent formation of the law served for a time as an instructor. However, the main thing for him was always life in the army: Mikhail Ivanovich began with command of a platoon of the 21st infantry regiment, but close before the war, was appointed commander of the 202nd airborne brigade.

Fearless commander-Hero

the Great Patriotic war, Denisenko met with the rank of Colonel, and, when it announced the surrender of Germany, on the shoulders of Mikhail Ivanovich already wearing the rank of General. The General-the major has especially distinguished himself during the battle of the Dnieper. Then he commanded the 36th guards rifle division. In late September 1943, the division soldiers headed by Denisenko first crossed the river and entered the village Sosnovka that housed the German garrison. The Nazis were destroyed, and their weapons was useful to Soviet soldiers in future battles.
In the above battle, however, as in many others, Denisenko, despite his high rank, took part. At least, so claimed the major-General Illarion Popov, who wrote the book “the Battalions are to the West.” Popov was personally acquainted with Mikhail Ivanovich and had seen him in battle. Hilarion G. even considered Denisenko “too brave”. Because the commander, according to Popova, was supposed to be at his observation point, and not, as Denisenko, “in the combat formations of the attacking battalions.” It is for courage and skillful command of Mikhail Denisenko was promoted to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.

the Oath and the death of

in the same fearless remained Denisenko and after the war, when there was no special need. However, the death that spared Mikhail Ivanovich on the battlefield, took it in peacetime. In 1946 he, along with Vasily Margelov was was transferred to the airborne troops. After graduating from advanced training courses commanders at the Military Academy named after Frunze, Denisenko head of the 103rd guards airborne division of the Byelorussian district. At the same time Margelov became the commander of the Chernihiv division.
As he wrote in his book “the Commando № 1. Army-General Margelov” Alexander Margelov, elated, joyful events in their lives, warlords ofhave benalish vows that each of them will make at least 6 parachute jumps. After performing the vow agreed to exchange telegrams. But Margelov news from Denisenko did not wait. In April 1949, Mikhail Ivanovich died: he fell at the third jump. Vasily Margelov grieved the loss. However, this tragedy forced the “father” of the airborne troops with even greater attention to the preparatory training and the safety of parachute jumps.

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