Andrew Miller: in any war crimes guilty the main Ukrainian nationalist

History 21/03/20 Andrew Miller: in any war crimes guilty the main Ukrainian nationalist

If you now say about the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (banned in the Russian organization), I think first and foremost of Stepan Bandera. But for a long time one of its leaders was Andrew Miller – the man with the extraordinary and controversial biography.
Miller was a consistent nationalist, loyal to his beliefs throughout life. At the beginning of the First world war at 24 years old he volunteered in the ranks of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, having made the decision to fight against the Russian Empire. He quickly became the commander of a hundred. In 1916 he was captured, was in several pow camps in Tambov, Ufa and Tsaritsyno. At the entrance of the camp he met with Yevgeny Konovalets, who became his ally and authority.

After escaping from the camp in January 1917, Miller reached Kiev. There he organized the Galicia-Bukovina Kuren (the type of units numbering several hundred people, the equivalent of a battalion) converted soon to a battalion of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. Then this formation was transformed into the regiment. These initiatives Miller carried out together with Konovalets.

Miller took an active part in anti-Bolshevik actions, for example, in the liberation of the plant “Arsenal”. He quickly moved up the career ladder. In March 1919 he became chief of Staff of the army of the Ukrainian national Republic (UNR). At the end of 1919 the poles interned Miller, sending Exactly.

Activities in the 1920-1930-ies

When the Bolsheviks established their power in Ukraine, Miller was sent to the inspector of the UNR military missions in Prague. There he received the diploma of engineer. Task Konovalets and Melnyk were to join forces to conduct clandestine struggle against the Bolsheviks in Ukraine. In 1920, created a secret military organization, put withyour purpose of the purchase and transport of weapons, the production of books, training, implementation and legalization of the fighters. The Treasury organization was formed due to donations, robberies (for example, attacks on e-mail in Lviv) and removed once the money. With support from Lithuania and Germany: I paid for the course, helping with passports, has transported people. Two years – from 1922 to 1924-th – Miller led underground activity in Galicia, but was arrested by the Polish police and sentenced to five years in prison.

In 1929, he founded the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN)(an organization banned in Russia). Miller again started to cooperate with Konovalets, carried out his orders, and after killing the last in 1938, headed the organization.

Collaboration with Nazi Germany

That anti-Polish activities prompted Miller to later establish contact with the Germans, especially the Abwehr. Admiral Canaris, head of Abwehr, promised Ukrainian nationalists assisting in the establishment of an independent Ukrainian state. Of course, this promise was not unfounded: Hitler in the best case, I needed another puppet state, totally controlled by the Germans. Independent education in their plans was not included.

In 1939-1940 OUN* split: the Germans released from prison Bandera felt that Miller is not a good leader and adheres to wrong methods. In February 1941 the chief of the 1st Department of the NKGB of the USSR P. M. Phytin amounted to a certificate of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations. In it, he described the position of Miller, “Melnyk”, coordinating its position with the interests of German foreign policy and the state of Soviet-German relations, adhere to the wait-and-see tactics and oppose active and immediate anti-Soviet activities. They believe that the “Ukrainian issue” can be resolved only within the framework of the German plans in the East of Europe and with the help of the Germans, when the political and strategic PLas will be recognized by them (Germans) most suitable for it.”

Bandera insisted on the active struggle against the Soviet power up to the uprisings. They adhered to this principle even before the war. Miller waited for the Declaration of war, and sent Hitler a letter: “Along with the legions of Europe and we ask to give us the opportunity to March shoulder to shoulder with our liberators — the German Wehrmacht and to create for this purpose the Ukrainian military connection”.

Deputy head of the diversionary administration of the Abwehr Stolze reported in his testimony that he gave Miller the Commission “to organize immediately after the German attack on the Soviet Union provocative speech in Ukraine with the aim of undermining nearest the rear of the Soviet troops, and also to convince international public opinion of what is happening in the alleged decay of the Soviet rear.”

For advocacy and recruitment Miller began to send to Ukraine group of the members of his wing of the OUN*. But such active the Germans did not like. Already in 1942, many of Melnyk was arrested, and a part executed. February 4, 1942, the chief of the Kiev police and SD, wrote to Berlin: “the Interests of the Bolsheviks and the people of Melnik in a broad sense the same. The idea is to provoke a possible dissatisfaction among the Ukrainians that we are effectively. Where there is no real causes, provoked by discontent primarily through the assertion that the Germans had violated the earlier data, the Ukrainians promises.” In 1943, more than 600 people from melnikovsky wing was shot, according to one, in Babi Yar, on the other – to the Gestapo.

A Melnyk went underground and began to fight against the Germans in the vicinity of Pochaev, Lutsk, Kremenets.

Melnyk and Babi Yar

some sources Melnyk is attributed to collaboration with the Germans during mass shootings of Jews at Babi Yar in 1941, Then in Kiev representatives of the chalklykowski marching bands were harvested Kiev Smoking, carrying out police functions in the city. In marching groups of OUN on the territory of Ukraine arrived armed formations, which were Bukovina hut. Kiev Smoking with him United. There are versions that members of these units participated in the massacre of Jews.

In 1942, the formation became part of the 115th and 118th schutzmannschaft battalions (security team), which also fought former soldiers of RKKA (workers ‘and peasants’ Red Army). The main crime of the 118th battalion was the massacre in Katyn, killing 149 civilians. The 115th battalion fought against partisans in Belarus.

Miller was arrested by the Germans in 1944. In September of the same year was released. He survived the war, took an active part in foreign meetings of Ukrainian nationalists, sought to unite Ukrainian immigrants. Died in Luxembourg in 1964.

*banned in Russia organization

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