Mikhaylo Sarkozy: why Ukrainian Punisher lived happily in the USA

History 25/03/20 Mykhailo Sarkozy: why Ukrainian Punisher happily lived in the U.S.

Mikhailo Sarkozy became an American citizen in 1959. In the United States Nazi war criminal was living under the name Michael Korcok to a certain point and no one knew who he was. However Sarkozy was so sure of their impunity that in the 1990-ies has published a memoir. However, he actually remained at liberty and died in his own bed at 101 years old.

a Deserter in the Ukrainian Legion

according to the newspaper The New York Times, according to data provided by the American authorities Michael Korcok, he was born in 1919 in Lutsk (now territory of Ukraine). Then the luck was part of the Polish Republic. In 1939, the luck came, Soviet troops, in connection with which, the Michael Sarkozi moved to the town of Hrubieszow, occupied by the Germans. As he argued Carcaci, in 1941 he was drafted into the German army, but soon allegedly deserted after witnessing the brutal treatment of Nazi prisoners of war from the red Army. After that, Michael Sarkozy joined the Ukrainian nationalist underground.

Mikhailo Carcaci, in his own words, entered into the so-called Ukrainian Legion of self-defense. Sarkozy said that the Legion fought for the independence of the Ukrainian people, and not on the side of the Nazis. However, the cooperation of the Legion with the Germans Sarkozy denied. But, according to historian Ivan Katchanovski from the University of Ottawa, in reality the Ukrainian Legion was a real police unit, which the Germans instructed all the dirty work in the fight against Soviet and Polish partisans. It is noteworthy that, according to Michael Kankoku, just one of the Polish partisans and liquidated the German Legion commander Siegfried Asmusa.

the Punitive operation

Despite the fact that Mykhailo Sarkozy shamelessly mention in their memeArah Siegfried Asmuss, he somehow ignored the fact that his unit in particular destroyed the entire population of the Polish village Hlnew. Then killed 44 civilians. It is found out through investigation, which was conducted in 2013, the Agency Associated Press, intrigued by the book Michael Karaca. According to archival documents, about the punitive operations in Geneva, under the command of Karaca, told in 1968 the average Ukrainian Legion of self defense Ivan sharko. Charcot called commander Wolf, and it was such an alias wore, and Michael Sarkozi.

Interestingly, Carcosa son Andrew was on the fact that the testimony of Ivan sharko can’t be considered reliable, as “KGB can’t be a source of justice and truth, especially when it comes to crimes against humanity.” Andrew Korcok claimed that his father, on the contrary, fought against the Nazis. However, it is possible that Korcok Jr. really believed it. Meanwhile, the edition of the Daily Mail wrote that the public Prosecutor of Poland stated that there is irrefutable evidence that Michael Korcok, being Lieutenant of the SS, took part in several punitive operations.

the Fate after the war

That’s just Michael Kankoku managed to hide these facts from the American authorities. At the end of the Second World war he, along with his wife and two children were in the camp in Germany. If you believe the Guardian, subsequently Karaca wife died, and he himself in 1949 together with his sons he moved overseas, in Minneapolis. In the US a criminal is a good job: he worked as a carpenter, got married again, and after 10 years and even received citizenship. Gradually the sense of fear was dulled, and in 1990-ies Karkar wrote a memoir that was published in Ukraine in the early 2000s. this book, which Sarkozy called himself “Wolf”, and was the reason for the start of the investigation.

After the publication, denounced Mykhailo Carcosa, the user known for the Simon Visantale criticized in the United States about the fact that those so many years to hide Nazi war criminal. Joined Poland and Germany. But the son Karkota Andrey was indignant, and demanded proof. He was glad when the investigation by the German Prosecutor’s office was discontinued: it turned out that Michael Korcok not in forces was to stand trial for health reasons (he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease). It does so not over. In December 2019 Karkar died at the age of 100 years. It is interesting that Andrew, who fought for his father, changed his name to Karkok at Karkos.

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