Mishustin held a meeting on the coronavirus in a special mode

this Morning the White house held a regular meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council on combating the spread of the coronavirus, under the chairmanship of Michael mishustina.

Reporters noticed that some participants, in particular, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova and head of health Michael Murashko has come on meeting in masks, but removed them when the event started. Also blue medical mask lay on the table next to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Previously, many doctors said mask healthy people do not need – it will not help to protect against coronavirus. And ill have to change it almost every 2-3 minutes.

the rank and file officers database, meanwhile, say that their centrally masks have not yet provided. Protection was given only to the guards and nurses, which measures the temperature at the checkpoint. In addition, the mask is needed when you log on to the net “Premier zone”.

In the open part of the meeting of the coordination Council Mikhail Mishustin briefed about the progress in production test systems and testing, as well as about the new rules of entry to Russia for those Russians who return from abroad. Now before crossing the border they will have to fill out an electronic form with the address where they intend to be quarantined. This information will be handed over to the Ministry of communications, and the citizens themselves – to be controlled by mobile operators. In addition, all will have flown every day keep a diary of observations of their own health through the state services portal. (A similar system operates, by the way, in China – where citizens have, for example, a personal electronic “health index”).

Mikhail Mishustin also instructed the Ministry of justice and registry offices to ensure the provision of services online. “Despite the coronavirus people get married, have children. They should be able to register for these events,” he said. And young people who used to live in the network, this idea may like.

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