The number of cases of pneumonia among elderly Russians has grown in four years

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation said that the incidence of pneumonia has increased over the past four years, according to the portal

So, in 2018 among men over 60 and women over 55 years of recorded 520,3 cases per 100 thousand population in the same age category. In 2014 this figure was only 439,9 case.

If you take the statistics among the regions, the most problematic in this respect are such subjects as the Republic of Tyva (1192,8), Kirov (1056,6) and Bryansk (1053,9) region. North Ossetia (of 223.5), Moscow (of 229.5) and Dagestan (241,8) – the regions with the lowest average number of cases of pneumonia among older people.

the Chief freelance pulmonologist of Ministry of health in the Central Federal district Andrey Malyavin noted that from pneumonia in Russia kills about a third of the senior citizens. Thus, because of pneumococcal pneumonia, according to the expert, dies 32% of the patients aged over 65 years.

“It is not comparable with any of the coronavirus, with nothing. Pure pneumococcus is 60 percent and in mixture with other microbes, up to 80,” said Malyavin.

He added that at risk are the citizens with chronic diseases. Malyavin have identified people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes mellitus and obstructive lung disease.

Highlighting the causes of such prevalence of pneumonia, Professor of Department of Phthisiology and pulmonology of the medical faculty of MSMSU Sergey Babak notes the low vaccination of the population against bacteria that cause pneumonia.

“Why such outbreaks in these regions is due to poor vaccination against pneumococcus in the population older than 65 years. Was the failure of vaccination for pneumococcus”, – said Babak.

He added that it is imperative to vaccinate people with chronic diseases. He stated that the currently adopted doctrine.

the Chairman of the management BoardI’m Executive Director of the public organization “Green patrol” Andrey Nagibin notes that the correlation between the incidence of pneumonia and ecology of the regions does not exist. He cited the examples of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk level with a relatively low number of cases of pneumonia in which the environmental situation might not be the best in the country.

“I wouldn’t have some way to compare and link the pneumonia to the environment. Altai Krai we have the first four, Kirov oblast – too well,” said Nagibin.

In Russia for all time of medical observations detected 2,777 cases of infection with coronavirus. In recent days the infection was recorded from 440 people. 190 patients recovered after infection COVID-19, 24 people died.

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