Moscow systematically increases transparency and strengthens control in health care

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

Moscow is systematically strengthening measures to increase transparency and control over the circulation of drugs and other types of assistance in health care, said Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova.

She noted that joint work with law enforcement and healthcare.

“At the center of our attention – the patient, our main priority is the quality of his treatment. And to provide the highest quality only possible in an open and transparent system. Work in this direction is already underway and will be continued”, – quotes the words Cancer Agency “Moscow”.

According to her, the pricing of cancer drugs adjusted in 2016. The prices are formed taking into account the average cost at the end of trading in the capital and in all regions of Russia, and also subject to the minimum registered in the state register of the prices for vital and essential drugs.

Rakova explained that this cost solely on the basis of the registry and was the highest in this price.

the Deputy mayor Also reminded that in Moscow began to reorganize the service of cancer care. The new standard also would improve the transparency of the treatment process, she said.

“Moscow for three years before the term switched to the Federal guidelines. For those patients who medically required the drug beyond the standard, will soon create a city cancer Council,” – added Rakov.

According to her, the Council will consider each case individually.

earlier Rakova said that in the six clinics of Moscow has equipped histochemical laboratory for cancer diagnosis under the new standard, which helps to identify the tumor and to choose the best treatment.

Professionals can use to diagnose histocentre to more accurately determine the localization and size of altered tissue, centrifuge separationtion of liquid samples, the exact fluorescent microscopes, rotary microtomes for tissue and substance of the refrigerating chamber for storage of biological material, and more.

in addition, in February, Moscow will host the campaign on free diagnosis of six types of most common cancers.

As noted, citizens will be able to participate in the survey on early detection of breast cancer, cervical, prostate, lung and colon cancer.

screening for cancer of the skin will be in Moscow scientific-practical center of Dermatovenereology and cosmetology of the Department of healthcare and its 15 branches.

In December last year it became known that the city authorities handed over two city-owned buildings in the South-West of the capital to the charitable Fund “warm house”. They organise social hotel for children with cancer who come to Moscow for treatment from all over Russia. The building was transferred to the Fund in gratuitous use for 10 years.

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