FC Bayern Munich has topped a first grow through the course of the end of the season at the end with the Double victory. Coach Niko Kovac brings despite the ongoing criticism of him and his achievements as a Coach in his debut season in the record champion of the German championship and the DFB Cup.

In a must-see and for a long time balanced the final of the Berlin defeated the his RB Leipzig with 3:0 (1:0). Striker Robert Lewandowski fired Bayern in the passage of one already in the lead, Kingsley Coman turned the course of a quarter of an hour before closing on victory, marriage Lewandowski with 3:0, made everything clear. It is the 19. DFB-Pokal titles for Bayern Munich.

these are the voices of the game:

FCB Coach Niko Kovac: “it was a very strong opponent today, the most severe that we had to meet, but we deserved to win. We products with a little bit better today. But you also have to make Leipzig a compliment. The us, along with Borussia Dortmund the next years competition, and with us to fight for the championship. We have to take seriously and we have taken seriously.”

FCB-Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “It was a curious season. After a good Start things went not so well, but now we are Champions and Cup winners ‘ Cup, better it can not run.” On Niko Kovac mentioned: “We have never doubted, that he fulfilled his contract until 2023, but of course we need to get all of the title because the coach is always Central.”

FCB-legend Arjen Robben: “Again, a farewell with the Double, that’s a lot of value. Of course, my goal was an emotional Moment, but it was still 1:0, the game was not over yet, because you have to go highly concentrated in. But now the next days I’ll implement that then it’s all over now, and what that means.”

FCB Keeper Manuel Neuer: “obviously, I was highly motivated for this game. I would have played more, but there is a point, then, was ultimately landing that I was only now fit. Much better, you could have the script then don’t write.” On demand how much, Also Rafinha would now celebrate with Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, which would leave after the season the club: “you must not forget. All three players have a huge share in our Successes of recent years.” And on demand is what gave him Niko Kovac for the game on the way: “The coach has just told me that he fully trusts that I have the experience and already so many Finals I have played.”

Double for record champion FC Bayern win Cup final against Leipzig

FCB goal-getter Robert Lewandowski: “I’m very, very satisfied. We had the game under control apart from a corner in the first half, where Leipzig hits the crossbar. But we deserved to win and I met. This is very good.” On demand, whether or not his two goals are also parting gifts to the players who quit after the season: “These two titles go, of course, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery and Rafinha. These are players who have done much for the club in the last few years.”

RB-attacker Yussuf Poulsen: “This is a bitter day. We have made it to phase way really good, but our chances are not used, and we also lacked a bit of luck. Then you lose against Bayern, who have won well deserved. We need to go in the first half-hour is actually in the lead and then you get a goal and need, then of course, once a bit before you can recover from it. After the break, we were actually quite good, but then we get back to the gates.”

RB-Executive Board Oliver Mintzlaff: “We are all athletes and the season was good on paper, Champions League, Cup final. But now, at the Moment, the disappointment outweighs, of course, because we wanted to get more today. But in a few days, we can certainly look back with good feelings on this great season.”



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