your big heart took the canteen assistant Bonnie Kimball, from New Hampshire to the Job. Your employer announced you, because you gave a hungry child without money for lunch.

Kimball was not angry at the Mascoma Valley Regional High School, reports the Daily Mail. Because the school is not your direct employer, but rather the food supplier Café Services. This works together with the school. Whether its part of the contract of the food supplier is extended, should decide in the near future. Therefore, the time of the incident is particularly awkward. On this day, a Manager of Café Services on site. All the canteen staff were asked by the school to conduct themselves in a quiet and friendly, as an extension of the contract would be with the food suppliers in view.

But as a child his lunch, noted Kimball that his credit was enough for that. The Manager watched them, but she decided that the child could not stay hungry. With lowered voice, she advised him to tell his parents of the missing funds and demanded no money for the court. When she came to work the next Morning, she was asked to an interview. It explained that the work to be lifted ratio.

Free food is not the reason for termination

Café Services denied first, that the one-off edition of free food was the reason for the termination. Kimball, a letter is now, however, the claims to the contrary. The reason for termination was that a Manager saw that a child was removed is no money for lunch, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Kimball’s colleagues are shocked by the behavior of Café Service and consider yourself to quit your Job at the food supplier in Protest. Also, the parents of some students show solidarity with Kimball, who was with the children is always very popular and always took care of you. The Mascoma Valley Regional High School, agreed, despite the controversy of the extension of the contract with Café Services.

source: Daily Mail



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