Not only the Brexit keeps the UK in the breath, but also a terrible wave of violence shocked the Nation. Again and again it comes to brutal knife attacks. Victims and perpetrators are often students and young people. In the first two months of the year, ten young people were stabbed, five alone in the capital. The attacks are often brutal shooting rituals of criminal Gangs.

The “Telegraph” spoke with teachers, as they experience the violence. In a way, they are on the Front line – most of the victims and perpetrators are still students. Gill Burbridge, Director of Leyton Sixth Form College in Waltham Forest, told the newspaper: “It is a terrible thing to say, but my first instinct is always: ‘Is it one of ours?'”

“Behind these statistics, behind these data are real young people are. This is so confusing. If you look at the face of a young man in the newspaper – these are real young people, the go here lost,” said Burbridge further.

The anxious glance to the phone

In April 2018 was sitting in a conference in which was discussed how the schools might respond to the spate of knife attacks, as your phone, the next attack is indicated. Her Ex-pupil of Israel Ogunsola was murdered on a warm evening under a railway bridge.

Wuppertal “Gucci Gang”: 13 – and 14-Year-old to commit hundreds of crimes – now a 70-Year-old in a coma From Daniel Wüstenberg

Burbridge is trying to your students, as well as it goes, in the jungle of the city to prepare. Now, there are courses in “urban awareness” – which means something like “urban vigilance” – here the children will learn to recognize potential attackers. A difficult task. The dares-murders out occur, such as in the case of a professional Killer out of the Blue. Then a victim is chosen randomly, there is no sign that could warn and there is also no personal relationship to the perpetrator.

In January, Burbridge lost the only 14-year-old Jaden Moodie. He was killed in a wild just 30 seconds of continuous attack – only a few minutes ‘ walk from the school. Jaden still looked like a child, said Burbridge.

security personnel at the school gates

The school itself is considered to be safe, the apartments at home. “In these places, the students feel very safe. The Problem starts when the students are outside.” At the school gates-security people are, in some schools, the students of teachers in groups will be escorted to the Bus. Other measures show rather the helplessness of the authorities.

Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley killed five children, the British hated them more than Hitler, Gernot Kramper

Some schools Smartphones generally prohibit, so that your students don’t get stung because of these devices low. Other folder, and that compulsory school uniform is changed outside of the school as quickly as possible. They fear that the Uniform marked the student as a victim.

a Last resort, expulsion from School

again and again Burbridge accesses a controversial means: it refers to violent young people permanently from the school. This method is controversial, because these students then usually only the brutal gangs.

But Burbridge knows of no other Council, more: “Clearly, the protection of the students is a priority for any head teacher. If a young person is a threat to his classmates or the staff, then it is clearly unsafe if the young person remains in the facility ….”

source: the Telegraph

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