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government of Chancellor Briefly overthrown (16.17 PM)Strache receives enough votes for the EU Parliament, (15.35 hours), and Kramp-Karrenbauer want to set up the CDU in terms of content (14.39 PM)police is digging again in the case of Monika fresh wood (12.04 PM)vote of no confidence: FPÖ wants to Short votes (9.52 PM)

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+++ 18.45: excavations no evidence of missing Monika fresh wood +++

In search for 43 years, missing Monika have fresh wood in the upper Palatinate, the investigators dug up again – this Time in an old barn. You studied for hours in the underground of the building at Flossenbürg. The action with about 20 officials, but brought no new clues to the Disappearance of the girl, the police announced. After all, the investigators could exclude a further storage location of the corpse, it said. Further excavations were planned in the coming days.

+++ 18.38 PM: Israel’s Parliament to initiate procedures to own resolution a +++

in view of the stalemate in the coalition talks, the Israeli Parliament has taken a first step in the direction of early elections. In the first of three required readings a majority of the Knesset voted for a law that provides for the dissolution of Parliament. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party after the parliamentary elections of 9. To form April to Wednesday night time, a government.

+++ 18.05: Kothen process: accused +++

accept the verdict of The judgment in Köthen process should be reviewed by the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe. Two young men were sentenced for the death of a 22-Year-olds in Saxony-Anhalt to the city of, among other things, because of bodily injury or death, do not accept their punishment. You have lodged an appeal, as a spokesman for the regional court of Dessau-said Roßlau. Office of the public Prosecutor and court would have waived appeal. 17. May had condemned the district court, the two 17 and 19 year-old Afghans to a youth sentence of one year and five months and one year and eight months.

+++ 18 at: Chemnitzer knife attack: witness fails again +++

In the process for the fatal knife attack of Chemnitz in August 2018, the testimony of a former suspect has failed again. As already on the fifth day of the trial of the 23-Year-old also made in the negotiation of the regional court of Chemnitz, his statement of the replacement of the Prosecutor-dependent. In one of his attorney-at-more-page Declaration-picked Youssif A. announced that he had. a complaint with the attorney General against the setting of a criminal investigation against the Prosecutor on 8 May 2019 inserted.

+++ 17.36 at: pictures to commemorate Nazi victims in Vienna, cut +++

For the third Time within a few days an open-air exhibition in remembrance of the victims of Nazi persecution has been damaged right in the centre of Vienna. According to an AFP photographer was cut up in the night to Monday, about a dozen of the approximately 80 large portrait photos of Survivors of the Nazi crimes. Your photographer is also showed how the organizers of the exhibition, as well as Austria’s President, Alexander Van der Bellen and Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), shocked. The portraits are since 7. May the heroes ‘ square along the ring road, the Vienna’s historic centre surrounded. Just a few days after the opening of the exhibition is Unknown, several of the panels were damaged with knives, in the past week, then smeared a part of the exhibition with swastikas.

+++ 17.04 at: Hamburg offers to kritisiertem math-OJ part reviews +++

After the criticism of the mathematics-baccalaureate in Hamburg, a part of the student is given the opportunity to have an additional oral test. The relates to all the 1200 students who have passed the math graduation exam in the stage of basic level. You have the Chance to improve your grade, informed the school authority. Your assessment tasks were “relatively difficult”, the exams would be, but still normal. For about 1400 students, who had to deal with the math-a-levels at a high level, nothing changes. Their tasks were appropriate in the opinion of the authority, and not to heavy.

+++ 17.03 PM: North Korea berates US national security adviser Bolton as the ignorant +++

North Korea has rejected criticism from U.S. national security adviser John Bolton’s recent missile tests in April with sharp words. The foreign Ministry in Pyongyang called Bolton’s accusation is ignorant that North Korea, with the Tests against resolutions of the UN security Council had failed. The country does not feel, in any case, the resolutions bound, was quoted a spokesman of the state media. Bolton referred to the decisions of the security Council, which ban North Korea has repeatedly tested nuclear bombs – launches of ballistic missiles. Such missiles are usually surface-to-surface missiles that can carry conventional, chemical, biological, or nuclear warhead.

+++ 16.53 PM: Kipping does not have to be group leader +++

After the withdrawal of Sahra wagenknecht, Co-group leader of the Left party chair Katja Kipping, this office is not seeking, for the time being. She would now put all their energy into the project for the future of the new left majority and in the dialogue between the party and the society, said Kipping the “mirror”. “I can do that in the current Situation, best as party Chairman”.

Wagenknecht had announced that for health reasons, not for the group’s presidency run. She leads the group in the Moment, together with Dietmar Bartsch. A new election could take place before the summer break.

+++ 16.17 PM: the FPÖ and SPÖ overthrow Chancellor Short +++

With a vote of no confidence, the SPÖ and the FPÖ, Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz and his entire Cabinet fell. The 32-Year-old got playful with his purely on the Expansion of its Power-scale policy of every credit, has been argued by speakers of the Opposition to a special session of Parliament on Monday. The action of the Chancellor was, instead, a “shameless, unbridled and irresponsible Power grab,” said the party Chairman of the social Democrats Pamela Rendi-Wagner. The SPÖ-confidence motion received the majority of votes. It is the first successful vote of no confidence in the Austrian history.

it is Possible the step was, because after the scandal-Video around Ex-Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, the government of the Austrian people’s divisioni, the ÖVP and the Freedom party of Austria FPÖ was terminated by a little. Thus he lost the majority in Parliament. His transition Cabinet was not convinced by the Opposition. “He has acted in its own interest” and did not put the state in the foreground, said the SPÖ-Boss, Pamela Rendi-Wagner.

+++ 15.46 PM: traditional Association fears the knife ban +++

The Bavarian folk costumes Association fears a tightening of the German weapons law. “This legislation would restrict, at least partially, also to us as a fan of folk costumes, the Wearing of a knife in many of the Costumes an important part of the costume as such”, said the Chairman of the Bavarian traditional costume Association, Max Bertl, on the Association homepage. The Association has announced to advertise in the state Chancellery for a derogation, so that a fan of folk costumes are also allowed to continue to carry knives as a part of the costume. Previously, the “Münchner Merkur” and “tz reported” about the concerns.

+++ 15.35 PM: Ex-FPÖ-Chef Strache can feed into the EU-Parliament +++

Ex-FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache, is able to report according to the “Ibiza-Video” and his resignation as Vice Chancellor and party chief, according to media in the European Parliament. The 49-Year-old received according to the Austrian journalist Martin Thür in the election on Sunday, many preferential votes and, therefore, has, in spite of a bad list place a claim on a mandate. With preference votes a candidate can be independent of the preparation of the list of supported. Strache was on the FPÖ-list of the 42. Place. It is not known whether Strache will adopt a preferential voting mandate.

+++ 15.07 PM: German cow-Nurse is allowed according to visa dispute in India +++

A German cow-Nurse in India, has rode a longer duration of stay in the first place. The government in New Delhi permitted to remain Friederike Irina Bruening, more in the country: your visa had been extended after some Back and Forth, said Brüning. The 61-Year-old has been cultivated for years, sick and abandoned cows. The animals are considered Hindus in India as sacred. Brüning, who 20 years ago went from Berlin to India, cared for according to its own information, approximately 1800 cows in the city of Mathura, in the North of the country. Up to 15 animals were every day brought to her. For their efforts, she was awarded with the cow-protection award Padma Shri. As your visa should not be renewed, threatened you, the price return. Then Minister Sushma Swaraj for Brüning was the outside.

+++ 15.02 PM: human rights Commissioner alleges criminal law Changes in Poland +++

The people who criticised rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe is a planned tightening of criminal law in Poland. That some of the Convicted with life in prison with the possibility of penalties should be taken on an early release, was not with the case law of the European court of human rights (ECtHR) compatible, wrote Dunja Mijatovic in a letter to the Polish Senate Marshal Stanislaw Karczewski, was released on Monday. All detainees should be given a Chance at early release, no matter how far-fetched this is, said the human rights Commissioner. Poland’s Parliament the controversial tightening of the criminal currently drives on the right. The life-long prison sentences with no early Chance of dismissal is to be found among the perpetrators of the application, which constitute a permanent danger to society.

+++ 14: 39: Kramp-Karrenbauer, the CDU wants to establish after the electoral defeat in terms of content, new +++

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer want to set her party after the electoral defeat of Sunday in terms of content. “To have this result in the least led to the latter’s own fault,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer, after a meeting of the party bodies on Monday in Berlin. It’ll be “not so done, to change one or two Make a decision or to rotate personnel a bit”.

+++ 14.26 PM: France wants to prevent the execution of French IS fighters in Iraq +++

After the death sentences against a number of French fighters of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Iraq, the French government against its enforcement. The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Paris said, with a look at three such sentences of death, France reject the death penalty in principle. A court in Baghdad sentenced meanwhile, on Monday a fourth French, for IS membership to death.

+++ 14.23 watch: seconds after the Start of lightning strikes in the Soyuz rocket, a +++

a Few seconds after the Start has taken a bolt of lightning in a Russian Soyuz rocket with a navigation satellite aboard. The rocket flew from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in Northern Russia, in the midst of a Thunderstorm to see how on Monday, a Video of the military TV channel Zvezda TV was. In the case of the lightning strike the front part and the third rocket stage had been taken, confirmed the head of the space station, Russian agencies according to. The technique, however, it has not been damaged. The satellite had already reached its calculated orbit, all over normal, it said. With the so-called Glonass satellites Russia wants to make for years, the US navigation system GPS competition.

+++ 14.06 PM: Chairman of the social Democrats in Romania to be convicted in prison +++

Liviu Dragnea, convicted Chairman of the ruling Romanian social Democrats (PSD), is not appealable to dreieinalb years in prison for incitement to abuse of office have been convicted. The Supreme court of Romania, thus confirming a judgment in the first instance from last summer. Dragnea was the driving force of the EU, criticized the weakening of the anti-corruption fight in Romania.

+++ 13.23 PM: court sentence for party leader of the social Democrats in Romania +++

confirmed this to be A court of appeal in Romania, the prison sentence for the controversial party leader of the ruling social Democrats has confirmed in a certificate of employment affair. The Supreme court in Bucharest rejected the appeal of Liviu Dragnea. Dragnea was convicted in June of 2018 to three and a half years of imprisonment because he had two women who worked for his party, at the city Council in his constituency, gives.

+++ 12.04 PM: police unearths again in the case of Monika fresh wood +++

In search for 43 years, missing Monika fresh wood, the investigators have started re-digging – this Time in an old barn near Flossenbürg. Specialists examined the surface of the building in the upper Palatinate, Georg Berg, the police announced. It was a further possible location of the body of the student. If the investigators find human Remains, was open in the first place.

The then-twelve-year-old Monika is fresh wood from the flossenburg concentration camp since the 25. May 1976 disappeared. According to the findings of the police, their track was lost, after she had left her parents ‘ home.

search for Monika fresh wood, The police are looking for the corpse of a Girl. And stumbles upon a buried VW beetles. No coincidence

Before almost 43 years ago, the then twelve-year-old Monika disappeared in the upper Palatinate – without a trace. The police believe that she was murdered. Now the body in the grave is sought.

DPA +++ 11.02 PM: the hundred-year-old pulls in Rhineland-Palatinate, the city Council, a +++

With a hundred years, the elderly Lisel Heise won in the city Council: At the local elections in rheinland-Pfalz, Kirchheimbolanden has a seat. She was chosen for the list is “Kibo” in the city Council, as a spokeswoman for the city’s administration confirmed. The hundred-year-old was competing on Sunday for the first Time in a city Council election.

+++ 10.23 PM: a suspect after an Explosion in Lyon arrested +++

Three days after the Explosion of an explosive device, in Lyon, in Eastern France, the police have a Suspect in custody. The French Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner informed on the short message service Twitter. In the case of the Detonation in the old town of Lyon on Friday, 13 people were slightly injured.

+++ 10.13 PM: Meyer-Heder puts on Jamaica in Bremen +++

The Bremen CDU top candidate Carsten Meyer-Heder, after his victory at the state election on a Jamaica coalition with the Greens and the FDP. He said the German press Agency. In the transport and environment policy, the CDU and the greens had similar ideas. “I think, on a purely human level, this works very well with the Green.” Also the CDU and the FDP are very close to each other. More difficult, the ratio of the two hoped-for coalition partners to be with each other. “That’s not to convey it to the Green base also, the FDP is now in the government,” said Meyer-Heder. In the election on Sunday, the CDU was for the first time in more than seven decades, the strongest force in Bremen, Germany.

Interactive election graphics state election Bremen 2019: results, projections and more

In our interactive graphic for the state election in Bremen, you will find high bills, the coalition calculator, evaluations on the constituency level and other statistics.

+++ 10.10 PM: Pakistan asks after the HIV outbreak has asked for your help +++

After hundreds of positive HIV-Tests in the southern Pakistan’s Sindh province Islamabad international support. A joint Team of the world health organization (WHO) and the US health authority CDC will arrive in the next few days in Pakistan and with local Doctors work together, said the doctor and assistant Minister for health, Zafar Mirza. The international experts should investigate the exact cause of the outbreak and the local authorities to control the spread, said Mirza. Hundreds of positive HIV-Tests in the case of residents around the town of Rato Dero – the majority of whom are children up to the age of twelve – have alarmed the population in the past few weeks.

+++ 9.52 PM: FPÖ wants to miss a vote against Chancellor trust Short-vote +++

The right-wing populist FPÖ wants to support the motion of censure against the Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz. The designated party chief Norbert Hofer said that his group would agree to the motion of censure of the social democratic SPÖ “probably”. In this case, the chancellorship of the 32-year-old chief of the conservative ÖVP would be finished after nearly one and a half years. Short had celebrated after the scandal of the Ibiza-Video, by the government shattered the coalition, with its ÖVP in the European elections big gains.

+++ 9.22 am: pharmaceutical company, Teva will pay US penalty for complicity in painkiller-abuse +++

The Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva pays in the US, millions in fines because of his involvement in the abuse of potent painkillers called opioids. Teva will pay $ 85 million (nearly 76 million euros) to the state of Oklahoma, such as the General state informed lawyer. In turn, a criminal case against Teva is set. The Israeli group, parent of the German pharmaceutical company Ratiopharm, follows with this agreement, the US group, Purdue Pharma, paid in March of $ 270 million to the state of Oklahoma. The Johnson & Johnson group in the state from Tuesday in court, he is accused of being “aggressive” for strong-acting painkillers and narcotics advertised, although the company knew of the high addictive potential of the medium.

+++ 7.46 PM: Fiat Chrysler is proposing a merger with Renault before +++

The auto giant Fiat Chrysler has proposed a merger with Renault. In the case of a merger, one of the largest car companies in the world would arise and the market leader Volkswagen and Toyota challenge. Fiat Chrysler is proposing a merger to the same Share of the company as a 50/50 merger. Renault confirmed to have the proposal received. The Board of Directors of Renault will advise in the morning about the offer and in writing comment on, the company said in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris.

+++ 6.49 PM: Trump, in principle, to hold talks with Iran ready +++

US President Donald Trump has agreed in principle to talks with Iran. “I think that Iran would like to talk about, and if Iran would like to talk, we would talk about love,” said Trump, in Tokyo, prior to further discussions during his visit to Japan. “We’ll see what happens,” added Trump, and pointed out that Abe was “very closely with the leadership of Iran”. Last week, Trump had threatened Iran with destruction. The U.S. government had warned in recent weeks of repeats before an acute threat to their troops in the Region. According to government officials in Washington this danger from Iraq is to go out of the militias, which were commanded by the Iranian revolutionary guards.

+++ 0.33 hrs: Federal Chancellor of Austria, Shortly, face a vote of no bodies +++

the trust After the end of his coalition with the right-wing populist FPÖ must Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian trust Short of a no-confidence vote in Parliament. It remained unclear whether the application of the party list Now gets a majority. In the case of the chancellorship of the 32-year-old chief of the conservative ÖVP would be finished after nearly one and a half years. The social-democratic SPÖ announced that a motion of censure against Short-and the entire government to the vote. The trigger for the political crisis in Austria, a revealing video that shows how the FPÖ politician Heinz-Christian Strache in front of the Parliament election in 2017, a supposed Russian oligarch-niece in return for electoral assistance was State jobs in views. After the discovery of the so-called Ibiza Videos Strache from his Offices as Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-boss stepped back, the coalition between FPÖ and ÖVP broke. Short is strengthened by the success of the ÖVP in the European elections on Sunday, however.

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